iPhone 8 Durability Test – BEND TEST – Glass Scratch Video!

Can the iPhone 8 survive the JerryRigEverything Durability tests?! Will the new glass design change of the iPhone 8 mess with the structural integrity of the phone? Doing a bend test of the iPhone 8 is the only way to find out. I have done over 75 smartphone durability tests, and the iPhone 8 is the next one on my list. Apple has said that the glass on their new smartphone is the most durable smartphone glass ever. Will that correlate to a higher rating on the Mohs Hardness Scale? There is only one way to find out and that is with the JerryRigEverything durability test. My tests are the best way to find out if your iPhone 8 will last for the next 2-3 years in your pocket.

Would you buy this new Glass Back iPhone 8? or would you wait for the iPhone x?

Does Apple really use Sapphire?: https://youtu.be/Zx4hRmuW6TM
iPhone 7 durability test: https://youtu.be/0vYfAqEyGV0

The camera I used to film this video: http://amzn.to/2p7GtkX
The Lens I used for this video: http://amzn.to/1QOXDw2
Wide angle lens: http://amzn.to/2qiYM4u
And this Metabones adapter: http://amzn.to/2iZ67Ty
This is the drone I use: http://amzn.to/2joH00G

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20 Responses to “iPhone 8 Durability Test – BEND TEST – Glass Scratch Video!”

  1. Rian Callahan says:

    Fuck u u don’t know what ur talking about dumb ass go back to kindergarten

  2. BMWman1029 says:

    I love how the flash is under the glass on the 8 but the X is quite the opposite 😬

  3. Malcolm Vladisclav says:

    Apple cut corners?WTF!

  4. 王程富 says:

    Can you use Asus ZenFone 4 to test??
    (Sorry,my English isn't very good.)

  5. Caden Trim says:

    iPod touch 6 gen durability test please!!!!

  6. Alex POV says:

    The iPhone X has the most durable glass

  7. Colton Kiefer says:

    It’s lame that Apple doesn’t use pure sapphire for their camera lenses, but the blend they use should at the very least scratch at a higher level than regular glass, otherwise marketing it is pointless. Pure sapphire is excellent for scratch protection, but it’s brittle so it’s actually worse than glass for drop and impact protection. The display covers a big surface area and scratches can be avoided by keeping the phone in its own pocket, but accidental drops can happen so glass is a much better choice. When it comes to the camera, it’s much smaller, but a scratch of any kind can ruin photos and videos permanently so scratch protection is more important. Using a blend just blends the bad properties of both materials. Use one or the other where it counts.

  8. leodee daño says:

    hello jerry.. can you do durability test on oppo phones… like oppo f5

  9. xIchSterbe says:


  10. Bryan Mceachan says:

    i want one

  11. J2XG inc says:

    Can you do an 8 plus bend test

  12. Akkio says:

    The apple blokes didn't call you because they decided to remove the "headfone zack"😗

  13. xCeltics says:


  14. xCeltics says:

    "Now I do like to roast Apple every now and then, physically and verbally" HAHAHAH

  15. dunno yolo says:

    Wish they made more phones this size or just a bit bigger with higher resolution  are perfect for putting in pants pockets.

  16. FreeBlader Tv says:

    It’s not like a blade is gonna come and scratch the iPhone

  17. lucy kearney says:

    i have this phone and got it at christmas and ive scratched the front loads eve though Ive never dropped it so its scratched agaisnt coins and all and all the scratches are deep

  18. Sebastian Scott says:

    omg his voice is so fake smh lmao

  19. Dan TDP says:

    I don't know why but, I find this videos so relaxing..

  20. ChloeGames ! says:

    I got the iPhone 8 and, I have a glass screen protector so don’t need to worry about scratching the screen (out of all the electronics I had they all never got scratches on it, might of cracked but not scratched.) and a thin, but protective case on it. I recommend the iPhone 8 soooo much.

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