iPhone 8 DROP TEST!! – ‘Most Durable Glass’ Ever?

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Apple claims that the glass on their New iPhone 8 is the Most durable glass ever on a smartphon. Thats a pretty bold claim! Since apple is one of the largest smartphone manufactures on earth Its important that their phones can handle abuse.

This iphone 8 droptest, even with a small sample size, will give a general idea of what to expect if you were to ever drop your iphone on the ground. Will the iphone 8 survive a normal every day drop situation? Is the glass on the iPhone 8 more durable than on another type of smartphone? Like samsung?

One thing to take into consideration is that if you were to ever crack the glass on your samsung smartphone… the repair is very simple, and would only cost about 15 or 20 dollarsl for the replacement glass panel. With the iphone… the glass panel does not come off. The glue is permanent. So the repair process will be MUCH more difficult.

iPhone 8 Durability Test video: https://youtu.be/lLAmL6Tz59Y
iPhone 8 Teardown: https://youtu.be/2B1ZxR9xpwQ

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20 Responses to “iPhone 8 DROP TEST!! – ‘Most Durable Glass’ Ever?”

  1. Kzpy LJ says:

    I toss my mine on my bed and sometimes hit the wall or a remote. Thank you for the reassurance 😂

  2. Robert Head says:


  3. Mike Rivera says:

    Watching this hurt my soul. I always buy an otter box. My Galaxy s7 looks brand new out of the box… still has the manufacture sticker. Seeing that glass break seriously just 💀💀 Spend the extra 50-60 dollars and get an otter box or spend hundreds repairing

  4. Masonooga Games says:

    i own my own iphone 8 and just thinking about those being my phone makes me cringe

  5. Melanie Guerrero says:

    This got me mad because i want an Iphone 8 or Iphone 8 plus and they are just dropping it not even caring and i really want one but cant afford one, i was crying when the gold oje broke. So saaaaddd

  6. Metrix says:

    Glatzkopf hahahahah

  7. Lara Del Valle says:

    Everytime he drops the phone I look away! I have an iphone 8 plus and I would never do something like that.

  8. help me says:

    Fuck that im sitting here with my 4S

  9. Layton Playz says:

    Top 10 Anime deaths

  10. 6ix 9ine Tekashi says:

    Could I have the broken phone please 😢

  11. Emilia A says:

    Omg I'm totally gonna get a case for my iPhone 8 im not risking it!

  12. Nazeeya Ellis says:


  13. Saurabh Arora says:

    I had a heart attack watching this 😰

  14. Ronald Deng says:

    This hurts to watch

  15. kevin wigen says:

    Both iPhone’s is fake. It has no text on the back

  16. Mark lee says:

    u are dropping it like a bald retard gay

  17. lexi mae says:

    ‘just for kicks and giggles’

  18. Ernest Jay says:

    The real test is actually dropping your phone from above your height, for example "phone falls before taking selfie"

  19. Hexilicious HD says:

    Subtitles killed me when the music came after whilst he was dropping the phone

  20. Hexilicious HD says:

    How! My cousin dropped his phone 14 feet from height… down the stairs from the top and nothing even happened! The screen was already broken! Keep in mind there was no case or screen or protecter

    iPhone 6 it was

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