iPhone 8: A Photographer’s Review

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The iPhone X might be stealing the spotlight, but the iPhone 8 is Apple’s shot at their next blockbuster phone. It’s design can either be thought of as another round of the same or the final form of this concept. Either way, this isn’t a phone that should be easily dismissed.

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20 Responses to “iPhone 8: A Photographer’s Review”

  1. Chimabue Mapee says:

    You’re so charming

  2. NicoZ 2002 says:

    May I ask a question?? The IPhone 8 Plus and the IPhone 8 has the same camera, exactly the same camera quality? I got the IPhone 8 but I don’t know if the IPhone 8 Plus has a better camera than this one

  3. David Korn says:

    Damn this dude knows how to take a pic

  4. Julius Beck says:

    dahm I live in calgary

  5. Geography and Politics says:

    lol, upgraded from a scratched up blue iPhone 5C
    haven't looked back.

  6. Ivy Aguas says:

    Hi Tyler! I really like the clear case you have on your iPhone 8+ 😊 what brand case is it? Where did you buy it?

  7. Daniel Billy Graham says:

    A guy kept his entire review video as an advertisement at the start . Lol..

  8. Comic Trips says:

    Extremely informative. Now we need to come back to Calgary to see more sights!

  9. InTheLifeOfHermione says:

    How do you only have 42K subs? You deserve like 1.2 million!


    well.. The Samsung phone has more technology indeed. But if the iPhone 8 does a good job too, then whatever. I buy it

  11. Daemon247 says:

    Change the title to Iphone 8 PLUS,i just hate misleading titles,i am looking for videos on Iphone 8 NOT the PLUS.

  12. runningmirror says:

    And hundred other photographers tell me to use Google Pixel 2 cuz the 8plus camera is shit in comparison to the pixel 2 ones.

  13. ladyyyyygaga says:

    Has anybody beside myself have problem with the iPhone X/ 8 flash while taking a picture at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius of below ?

  14. Matthew Finger says:

    Fantastic video! 10/10

  15. Mr Iza says:

    Damn you live in a beautiful place

  16. Jay Dinh says:

    Great review!

  17. BHFC says:

    I think it’s a great phone

  18. Key | iamSmexx says:

    you're so cute <3

  19. Everything I Know says:

    i have got iphone 8 plus, I am don't like the pictures in low light

  20. TheCode says:

    I went from a beat up hand me down 6 to an 8+, and all I have to say is… Holy crap

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