iPhone 5 – iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 – Review + Debate [Borderlands 2 Gameplay]

Which phone and operating system do you prefer? iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3? Leave a comment! WATCH PART 1 HERE: youtu.be WATCH PART 2 HERE: youtu.be WATCH PART 3 HERE: youtu.be TWITTER: twitter.com BLACK OPS 2: www.youtube.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Tags: “Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 ” “iPhone 5” “Galaxy S3” “Apple iPhone 5” “Samsung Galaxy S3” “iPhone 5 Specs” “Galaxy S3 Specs” “Best smartphone” “iPhone 5 hands on” “Galaxy S3 hands on” “iPhone 5 review” “Galaxy S3 review” “iPhone 5 features” “galaxy samsung s3 features”

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24 Responses to “iPhone 5 – iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 – Review + Debate [Borderlands 2 Gameplay]”

  1. jellymanAG says:

    lol. no

  2. jellymanAG says:

    …watch the 2007 iPhone keynote and you will see

  3. gapolito93 says:

    what is the gorilla glass??

  4. Leni111222333 says:

    Sure the samsung is better as the iphone but iOS is better than Android!!!

  5. leluatafua says:

    S3 because it has gorilla glass

  6. avaemoloify says:

    Hi have the S3 as a personal phone and a iphone 5 as a work phone. First I’ll say the typing capabilities on the s3 is so much more user friendly with the key swipe or switching to handwriting etc. 2nd big thing if I fill up my s3 I can just insert a memory card obviously when the apple is filled you have to delete some stuff or back it up. Lastly the video quality is AMAZING on the S3 huge screening resolution etc. The iphone only has speed on its side but it’s only a little faster.

  7. 1970ngo says:


  8. Brady Gillies says:

    These guys actually don’t know a lot but there were some good points. Android is great for nerds or intellectual people iPhone is great for idiots or lazy people

  9. bry5318 says:

    /watch?v=6GFa_GxXWnE hope this video puts an ease on this argument

  10. Minecastt says:

    the iPhone 5 is so much better than the s3 i have an s3 and the iPhone 5 and the iPhone is so much better

  11. joanna1984je says:

    Love my galaxy3!!!!

  12. roger reed says:

    Android was in development in 2003 and ios was in development in 2005 look it up!

  13. michaelschneider305 says:

    note 2 or iphone 5.. thats the questions i think..

  14. fordcabriogt says:

    Galaxy S3 32gb – 500euro
    iPhone 5 32gb – 900 euro
    iphone 5 64gb – 100 euro

  15. must654 says:

    not here in sweden , the gs3 cost 500$ when the iphone 5 cost 730$

  16. 026isgood says:

    are you a retard? iphone is 100 dollars more

  17. must654 says:

    are u a retard?! they don’t cost the same the GS3 is atleast 200$ cheaper

  18. LickTheEnvelope says:

    Well I work for a cellular store (canada). Iphone 5 $179.95 on contract, $799.95 no contract. Galaxy S3 $99.95 on contract, $649.95 no contract.

  19. bigchris78415 says:

    please have the phones before u do a review

  20. SethXhizor says:

    I wanted the S3 before Apple launched iphone 5 loving my iphone 5 which i got for free
    Just Google for: iPhone5contest.info
    should give a try.

  21. Farhan Ahmed says:

    LIKE if u want an iphone 5

  22. Antonio Goolsby says:

    Gs3 & iPhone 5 cost the same BUT gs3 WAY better

  23. jamo Noviss says:

    apple rules s3 boo

  24. Nick Donley says:

    GS3 is the same price as the iphone 5 -_-

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