Introducing GALAXY Note II (First Launch – KOREA)

삼성 휴대폰의 기술력과 혁신성을 담아 독자적으로 구축한 스마트 모바일 기기인 갤럭시 노트의 후속 제품인 ‘갤럭시노트 Ⅱ’를 전 세계 최초로 한국시장에 선보입니다. The first global launch of the much anticipated GALAXY Note II, a whole new level of innovation for the GALAXY Note category, begins in Korea. Samsung GALAXY Note II enables unique experiences in personalized and expressive content creation, making it the ultimate smartphone for on-the-go creativity. Armed with the powerful hardware performance, GALAXY Note II enables you to discover information faster, capture ideas, and express them in a more organized and efficient manner. For more information:

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22 Responses to “Introducing GALAXY Note II (First Launch – KOREA)”

  1. NennadS says:

    Dear mother of god. 8)>:)

  2. NewJayqwe2 says:

    This is such an awesome phone, now THIS is what I would call an IMPROVEMENT to a previous phone

  3. pickthefashioncom10 says:

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  4. Chandra Fibryanto Tan says:

    @darkside:  plagiarism is part of marketing..

  5. omrrsd says:

    I’m not a fan of Samsung
    But I admitted that screen sensation of pen before touching it and using more than one window at the same time are a fucking creative idea.
    Air View works exactly like cursor when passes certain places in computer to show some important information readily and directly.
    and what apple do is extending their phone a little bit and then recording that as a patent!

  6. cjswnsdl says:

    dumb ass how is it any close to sexy and i know it??
    and even if its a copy why all koreans should be ashamed??
    wat ur saying is if one niga kills a person and all black ppl have to be ashamed
    Racist cunts have no brains. lol

  7. Poklease says:

    Multi view ? Omg ! Apple is coming 😡

  8. Poklease says:

    What about ColorOled ? Amoled HD suxx

  9. Chandra Fibryanto Tan says:

    Lolz dun care apple or Samsung.. if u offer me the best, i’ll take U~

  10. Darkside Bytheway says:

    and it’s a copy version of “sexy and I know it” lol

    ain’t u ashamed Korean?

  11. Darkside Bytheway says:

    WTF Korean? Stupid arrogant nation with suck and plagiarism behavior?

    Eating dogs and living octopus doesn’t make ur nation seem developed haha

  12. LazySamz says:

    dam if only it wasnt so ugly!! it would be #1

  13. yonghyunkwon53 says:

    I wanna buy it..

  14. bikashsah73 says:

    100 tyms bettr thn n e iphn..keep it up!

  15. bikashsah73 says:

    Awsme,sensible and designd for humans!

  16. relavant1 says:

    I will buy it!!

  17. SoulSilverJ2A says:

    Lo quiero, lo deseo, lo necesito, lo amooooo,,… traiganlo a Guatemala luego porfavor!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ahmed raouf says:


  19. metelas1990 says:

    110 Dislikes?Good try apple fans,but still the Note II is much better than iphone 5

  20. pickthefashioncom4 says:

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  21. 1070ebubekir says:

    your first comment doesn’t exist . wich proves you suck. you must be very very gay and a dumbhore if you still answer

  22. Siwakorn Nansurakit says:


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