I’m Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9

Prepare for my Samsung Galaxy S9 review.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone. I’ve officially switched from the Google Pixel 2 XL to the Galaxy S9+ in order to evaluate it more extensively. My Samsung Galaxy S9 review will be coming soon.


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20 Responses to “I’m Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S9”

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    If you could switch to any other smartphone right now, which would you switch to?

  2. Hassen Abessi says:

    mind your own business jack

  3. Smitty S says:

    Anyone else watching this on their Nintendo Dsi?

  4. Paul Queypo says:

    i laughed from the "iphone for life bro ahhh" hahahaha

  5. PORTGAS D CANDY says:

    S9 is the best!😊😚😚😊

  6. MaRio YT says:

    I hate iOS

  7. James Carter says:

    Please give me your pixel phone…

  8. Jordan Cabahug says:

    I'm actually impressed that most people choose Samsung over apple😁

  9. ठाकुर 86 says:

    Amazing display.. Good build quality. And it’s samsung brand.

  10. Reggie Vanness says:

    Samsung Galaxy s 9

  11. Quraish Alvi says:

    I phone…..u should go to mars…..cse if u live here…..u can't show ur face to XIAOMI..😂😂😂😂

  12. Sandra Rose says:

    This from someone…who runs a home based business from her phone from 2 countries. USA and JA and around the globe. The only SAMSUNG Phone that I own that did not die in 1.5 years..is this Chinese Version…J7 Duo Sim. And it just now slowing down. I tranferred lots of stuff to google and its back to normal again.

  13. Sandra Rose says:


  14. tim van namen says:

    this is the s9 PLUS … make a video of the s9 .. so use the right name of this phone in this video smart one

  15. Noel Heinonen says:

    engage generation fast wzlnqz label sixth favor file hole.

  16. Graved Guy Sumin says:

    I wonder why he hates iPhone X so much.

  17. Mookly Twenty Two says:

    hey I watched some of your S9 vids when researching phones, I ended up getting the S9+ and I actually found out that the S9 is even more powerful than it's hyped up to be. like you hyped it up pretty far, but it lived up to the expectations and then some. I had been an avid iPhone user (please forgive me) since I was a freshmen in high school and I wish I made the switch sooner. the dongle is what sticks out to me most and the versatility it introduces (plugging in my wireless mouse/keyboard, instantly transferring files to and from a flash drive, the smart switch function, the list goes on). I also enjoyed being able to have a fully functional TI-89 on it as I am an electrical engineer who tutors calculus students quite often. Thank you for showing da wae bro!

  18. Just a friendly troll says:

    samsung is a trash company, i've used samsung all my life and I'll tell you samsung has the worst customer service ever! and nothing beats customer service, whats the point of having super phones without a good customer service…switching to apple.

  19. Sharp Blade290 says:

    Thats song😂👌

  20. Jimmy chavez says:

    Make a leather case with ur logo would totally buy it 👍🏼👌🏼

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