I Traded My iPhone XS Max For A Galaxy Note 9?! Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing | Perkyy

I Traded My iPhone XS Max For A Galaxy Note 9?! Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing | Perkyy

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20 Responses to “I Traded My iPhone XS Max For A Galaxy Note 9?! Galaxy Note 9 Unboxing | Perkyy”

  1. God is Good says:

    There are glass screen protectors for the note 9 too. 🤗

  2. bucumi says:


  3. Odd Kittycat says:

    It’s all about preference, hands down. 🙌🏻

  4. msf4857 says:

    Change the title !!!

  5. A C Marsh Jr says:

    You’re fuckin gorgeous!

  6. Dom Jolly says:

    Galaxy Note 9… or Huawei Mate 20 pro??

  7. Xander Rose says:

    iPhones are pure trash she need to use the bin!!!

  8. SirRowlet 2 says:

    iPhone is not doing well, waste of money…
    On the bright side… you got a Note 9 😀

  9. Ria Driguez says:

    She really didnt say nothing wrong about android except the clickbait title, that would probably explain why she has alot of thumbs down

  10. Mike Norton says:


  11. opendebate says:

    So your iPhone 14 days trial is over, gotta return it. You really abuse Apple return policy.

  12. Trevor Trower says:

    I’ve made three attempts to switch to Android, twice at Samsung and once at Huawei but I still go running back to the iPhone. The iPhone XS Max is incredible.

  13. badjojo 11 says:

    This bad boy😂😂😂😂😂😂gtfoh

  14. Mitchell Kienhuis says:

    Did the same.

  15. ZayOP says:

    Did she just call me a Percocet? Oh hell naw

  16. Versace Starr says:

    New subbie


    Green bubble looking az

  18. Van Henderson says:

    Fuckin click bait

  19. Guy-Robert Kernisant says:

    You should definitely give your mom a few basic tricks so she could enjoy her phone more, or else she should have simply gone with an S9+.
    Have her watch a good tips and tricks video.
    – You can copy paste with the S-Pen wherever there is text, even if it seems unselectable with your finger, like comments in Instagram or Twitter for example. Just press and hold the button while selecting the on screen text, super easy and precise.
    – It's so much easier to just pull the S-Pen out (clicking on it…) and use "Screen Write" to do screen grabs scrollable or cropped with just what you want.

  20. Prescious E. says:

    You should've gotten your mom the whitestone dome tempered glass screen protector.

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