I switched from the Samsung Note 9 to the iPhone XS MAX – Was this a mistake?!

My experience switching to the iPhone XS Max from the Samsung Note 9. iOS isn’t easy to live with!
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In this video i will tell you about my experience trying to switch from the Samsung Note 9 to the latest iPhone, the iPhone XS MAX.
I will talk about the downsides and the upsides moving from Android to iOS.

iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 Camera Comparison: https://youtu.be/Os_36edVl14
iPhone XS Max VS Samsung Note 9 SPEED TEST: https://youtu.be/hr_DWYxbzNw

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20 Responses to “I switched from the Samsung Note 9 to the iPhone XS MAX – Was this a mistake?!”

  1. Riffin' Remmy says:

    I honestly feel bad for anyone that spent their hard earned money on a $1,500 iPhone that completely get's destroyed by a $1,000 Note 9.

  2. Tom Lefeber says:

    Sorry, I meant the lock screen

  3. Tom Lefeber says:

    Where can I get the iphone homescreen wallpaper – looks great

  4. Rogerio Luis says:

    Yes, it is a mistake! No need to watch the video. PERIOD.

  5. syed mjd says:

    I just disliked your video because u switched to iPhone xmax why why would you do that!

  6. KP 1877 says:

    What icon pack is that on your note 9? I like it.

  7. rob harper says:

    Great interesting video ….where can I get a link for the wallpaper on the iPhone 👍thank you

  8. Taintbomb says:

    Apple=phone for cucks

  9. Mdmuslim Uddin says:

    Yes I love my note9

  10. knighteclipse says:

    NOTE 9 ICON PACKS !??????😃

  11. Maninder Singh says:

    Note series always best best
    Nokia body can beat it
    I am using note 5 for last 3 yrs
    It's a beast in its class

  12. Niklaus Snow says:

    Skunt bana everyone knows that the s9 plus can class with the iphone xs max with every thing except the cpu so which means the note 9 is 100% better than the iPhone xs max so stop filling people brain with crap just say apple let you keep the phone just for a review by just adding a few good words

  13. Raees Amla says:

    Note 9, because you can turn mobile data on in the notifications menu..

  14. George Will says:

    Agreed, thanks. g-

  15. HJ Gil says:

    Max is too wide to be grabbed by one hand. Note9 is narrow so convenient. Width is important for a small hand.

  16. Jim Gallagher says:

    Great video, but how do you get round Note having the Apple Eco System when having a Mac but using an android phone? imessage, photos from you phone appearing immediately on your Mac etc. how do you get around the convenience of not having the convenience Eco System. I’m an iPhone user since day 1 and am seriously considering changing to the Note 9 but have the above concerns.

  17. brain White says:

    Hey man, I really like this review because I had the note 9 for the pass 3 weeks and I thought of switching to the new iPhone xs max but this review helped me to see the real problem of this new iPhone thank you.

  18. move maker bigdog says:

    iphones phones may do 2 or 3 things slight better than the note 9 but the note 9 does like 15 to 30 different things better than the iPhone it's to much going on with the note 9 then when you go into developer options it gets mental note 9 best all around phone hands down

  19. Supreme_Court says:

    You won't notice any difference between 6.4 and 6.5 screens, plus the notch basically brings it back down to 6.4 anyway

  20. Cole Romani says:

    I don’t like you anymore

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