Google Pixel 3 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Full Comparison

In this video we will do a full comparison between the Google Pixel 3 XL vs the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The Galaxy Note 9 was released in August 2018 while the Pixel 3 XL in October 2018, and people want to know which one is better.

In this video, I will do a side by side comparison and let you know whether to choose the pixel 3 or the note 9.

Let’s dive in.

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20 Responses to “Google Pixel 3 XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Full Comparison”

  1. shiloh6519 says:

    694 people approve this message. Note 9 is just better

  2. stacey eaton says:

    I came from the P2XL to the N9. It's a great device, but this video was very biased. P3XL is a beast of a phone. The features it has (yes, it has features) are amazing and I miss them.

  3. YungJiGGLive says:

    Dude that pixel photo was better than that note 9 the car was way more detailed … I've noticed you bring up great points for the note 9 but you kill any other phone that is compared to it … Yes the note 9 is a great phone with great features but come on man … You could have brightened the screen on both phones to the same level … Make it fair …

  4. mr.eims eim says:

    Note 9 win hands down.

    but you could at least highlight more of pixels strong point such as unlimited photo and video cloud vs having onboard bigger storage. I do think the wide angel camera is a VERY useful thing to have. Another one is the quick os update but if its like android pie, i hope samsung will polish everything before updating. Android pie on lixel 3 just seems half baked. How about that Squeezie side? Software side vs samsung which is crowned for king of bloatware.

    But in the end, i will choose note 9 anyway for other flaw of pixel. Super scratch magnet, extra dimm screen, overall design, that notch! 😩

  5. Dmitriy Chaikovskiy says:

    Seems like Pixels screen sucks

  6. chasrice says:

    More than fair! You gave cameras and other a tie even though slow motion and wide angle, note 9 hard to beat, price, user experience, screen notchless, battery life, pixel should be 700 bucks max, it's 4gb make it not future proof. Compared it's 6 and 8gb rom, the note wll be good 3 years from now; for roms, as a backup phone, and it's nearly a year old now…. Google priced much to high for last year's specs…

  7. robert haibi says:

    I own both. My Note 9 has been buttery smooth since day one with not a single hiccup or problem. The Pixel on the other hand has had hands down the most software glitches I've ever experienced on a flagship phone, especially at this price. The camera is phenomenal and definitely miles ahead of the Note's. However if Google doesn't patch some of these problems in the coming week the phone is going right back to Google.

  8. Boricha Sun says:

    pixel looks too dark…

  9. Buchi says:

    Google is stupid. They really doesn't listen to what people want. They do whatever pleases them and copy Apple with the removal of the headphone jack and adding a giant notch. And they knew this is what the mainstream does not want. Instead of two cameras in the back like most people want, they place them in the front. Although, I must say that wasn't a bad idea. However, they jacked up the price like Apple did. I heard the recording audio in video is bad. The loudness of the speaker at 40% more is exaggerated. No Dolby Atmos. This is a $500 phone at best. I am talking about the 3XL with tax included. Google has gone greedy just like Apple.

  10. Buchi says:

    Note 9, and S9 is better in almost every category than the Pixel 3XL phone. In fact, the Note 9 is the king of all smartphones right now.

  11. Panna Lal says:

    Whether you believe or not but I think this guy is a samsung fanboy and I think that he had kept the brightness level low of the google 3 pixel XL and made the Samsung note 9's brightness level high.

  12. daksa2 says:

    a large basic storage on Note 9 (128GB) is also a winner for the price tag …. I traded Note 8 to Note 9 couple months ago, and loving it since…. IMHO, Pixel 3 photos generated using its own software-enhancement, look too "software-ish" … photos taken on Note 9 are more real-life look

  13. BluEWolfCrafter1543 says:

    Too bias

  14. Swifties/Directioners😘 says:

    I really love samsung phones ever.. the best company… hope to work there someday…

  15. Jon Kestler says:

    this guy is such a tool

  16. Son Hoa says:

    Got my samsung note 9

  17. Benn says:

    Fuck me this is a wank comparison. "You can see the Note 8 is brighter at 50%" learn how brightness works on Android Pie you gimp. It's a slower scale up to help get the exact brightness you want. 50% brightness on Oreo is 75% brightness on Pie. You say the camera looks basically the same, then make a deal of the telephoto, when the photos also look the same. Then you also say that having the smoothest android phone is no big deal. Excuse what the fuck. Awful comparison, Pixel 3 > Note 9. Of the Note ran pixel software/ camers hardware, only then it would be a different story.

  18. Jessie Colt Goines says:

    Just looking at the screen brightness I don't understand how anyone could take this m********* seriously.

  19. Jessie Colt Goines says:

    You intentionally left the screen brightness down on the pixel 3XL. I don't know how anyone could take you review seriously.

  20. Woody Collins says:

    The lack of expandable memory is a killer for me. The only way it's ok if you have reliable and fast connectivity everywhere.

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