Galaxy S9/S9 Plus – Stuff YOU MUST DO After Buying!

In this video, we take a look at all the stuff YOU MUST DO after buying the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus to get the most out of your new smartphone. New to Android or Samsung? Watching this video can help you get most out of your phone and also save time! So be sure to check it out and thumbs ups appreciated!

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For Galaxy S9+:

In this video, we show you how to customize the following:

– Screen resolution
– Performance mode
– Color Balance
– Power Saving mode
– Dark theme
– Voice control and floating camera, volume keys
– GIF in camera, GIF using edscreen
– Slow motion tip
– Screenshot draw, pin to screen
– Button layout
– Turn off Bixby
– Night Mode
– Video lockscreen
– Fast wireless charger
– Qc3.0 usb power bank
– Story mode

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20 Responses to “Galaxy S9/S9 Plus – Stuff YOU MUST DO After Buying!”

  1. Jaco Grobler says:

    Cool!! But is you want s9, best to buy one.

  2. Dennis Jassmann says:

    Take a shot every time he says: "Boom Shakalaka"
    And no I won't pay your hospital bill, it's ur fault…

  3. Yoshi says:

    6:55 The little android figure did a slow motion irl! :O

  4. Steven Dutton says:

    Say ( jif) more !!

  5. Darrell Cunningham says:

    how do I enable predictive emoji on the s9+?

  6. Kiru Senthilnathan says:

    Thumbs up for the use of "Boom shakalaka"

  7. WtrDogg20 says:

    I got that same phone cover… Simply the best!
    Thanks for the tips… I am so happy with my S9!

  8. Fernando Ricci says:

    In Italiano x favore

  9. Alfred Hernandez says:

    Is there a text zoom whenever you are correcting or trying to zoom in on the text that you have typed?

  10. RapMTL says:

    gotta wait 6days lmao

  11. Keith Lawler says:


  12. Ahmed Hamza says:

    Watching this on my s duos 2… at 480p which is the best quality selection anyways I ordered my new s9plus

  13. Larrydoor2 says:

    I've been using the LG G4 for 2 years, my mom was looking for a new phone and found a buy one get one free deal, so I get to be rid of the shitty G4 that slowed down a lot after the first year, and the fact that I dropped it in the toilet last week

  14. Rantandreason says:

    Graphics Interchange Format

    Do you pronounce it Graphics? Or Jraphics?

    I don't know about you, but when I jo to the jrocery store to jet some joodies, I especially love to jet jreen things, like apples and jrapes

  15. Petko Gichev says:

    Can someone send me a link with his looks very protective and somehow at the same time beautiful..Ty

  16. Milos Djordjevic says:

    BoomShakala… U got a like 😀

  17. wellman says:

    sweet cool video. I'm an apple user. just ordered the s9plus. anyone know if i can still put my pictures taken on the s9 on to my mac?

  18. beep87 says:

    You are a godsend…that bixby key is so irritating

  19. M.J. Fitton says:

    Thanks for the useful video.

  20. davisdurand says:

    You went too fast. Slow it down, and be a little more specific.

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