Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus: All You Need to Know (2 MONTHS LATER)

The full, in-depth review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9 Plus after 2 months of using them. Here is everything you need to know!
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Time coded:
1. Intro (0:00)
2. Some Immediate Conclusions (0:29)
3. Look & Feel (1:48)
4. Thoughts on durability (5:12)
5. Some case recommendations (5:51) Rhinoshield Sponsored
6. Intelligent Scan Experiment (6:54)
7. Speakers & tests (11:06)
8. Thoughts for headphone jack (14:58)
9. New Interface Features (15:45)
10. Using Blood Pressure Sensor (19:19)
11. Core Features (21:36)
12. Specs & Performance (22:47)
13. The Displays – Analysis (24:58)
14. Battery Life & Connectivity (28:14)
15. Conclusion (29:46)

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20 Responses to “Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus: All You Need to Know (2 MONTHS LATER)”

  1. Erica Griffin says:

    I have been sick with copper toxicity guys. I'm feeling a bit better lately though and finished this! These are fantastic phones!!!

  2. Daniel Blais says:

    I want a phone that takes good close up photos, overexposure of white items has been my most problematic issue, have you a suggestion of a phone of equal value that can handle this?

  3. freedoomg says:

    Ahhhh you showed your Gmail in the intelligent scan part of the video

  4. Claire Ryan says:

    How do u get the edge lighting to stay on when u play music? I have the s9 in lilac purple

  5. Pyramid Head says:

    I've never had an issue with security on any of my Samsung Galaxy devices and iOS isn't the safest OS that would be Blackberry OS as that's meant for work so I've heard.

  6. satan child says:

    hi Erica griffin I love your review on the Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus phones. I think it a wonderful review. I`m going to buy my Samsung galaxy s9 phone on august 31th 2018 I can`t wait. I`v been needing a new phone for a long time now. my phone company told me since my old phone is a Samsung s brand phone I can upgrade to the galaxy s9 phone. I`m way beyond time with Samsung phones.would you believe I have a Samsung galaxy s3 phone and it is so slow. it takes forever to pull stuff up. it freezes all the time. I bought my s3 phone they first came out years ago. I have some apps I`v  been wanting to install but it says my s3 phone is not supportive anymore. i love the new text feature you showed that will come in handy for me. i can`t wait to hear the new speakers. most of the time i can`t hear my s3 phone when i`m on youtube. i have the volume turned all the way up it still sounds low. i don't even have my earphone pluged in. i`m glade i found your Samsung s9 and s9 plus review on youtube. it made my day. i wanted to ask does the s9s support wireless charger? i have a wireless charger pad. take care Erica your new fan john

  7. Bruno Rinaldi says:

    Awesome review! I was looking for a video that show me witch I should go and you just made my decision! Awesome features explanation and, to be honest, my listening for English is a bit difficult, but I was able to understand every single word you said. Amazing diction o/. Thanks =)

  8. Nay says:

    Oh c'mon.. The curved edges.. Always something to complain about. Just hold your phone. Shouldn't be an issue to hold it right in your hand. Js.

  9. ninad amanapure says:

    You have almost severe hypotension..

  10. Matthew Seth says:

    Look at the aspect ratio of course they chose to disable a rotating wallpaper ;P

  11. Mister Alcala says:

    Thanks for the awesome follow-up and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for being thoughtful enough to put a list of content with timecodes. \M// >.< \m// You rock.

  12. Hi it's Viper says:

    How did you get that Mario theme ??

  13. Alexandru Craciun says:

    Disgusting phone, just like the company that created them.

  14. BlueIndigoRadiance says:

    Erica Griffin, this was an excellent video, but I thought I would just ask you what you think here. I want to buy a phone with the best camera & the best speakerphone. Those are the most important things to me in a phone. I read an article saying the S9+ has the best camera (and I thought it was going to be an iPhone). Do you think the S9+ would fit what I'm looking for? You mentioned the Note 9. Might that be better at both? Or would a different phone entirely be best? Thank you.

  15. LeeLee99 says:

    Name of the Mario theme please also is it from Samsung theme store or somewhere else? I've looked through your comments, Google and the theme store nothing…Thanks 😊

  16. kittykat Goode says:

    With the Galaxy note 9 coming out I have looked into it but decided to keep the Galaxy S9+ I have instead of getting the note 9. Sure would love to have the battery of the note 9 but that's about it. I don't care for the pen just something else to keep up with for me.

  17. Ron Jenkins says:

    Notice that my Galaxy S9+ doesn't say "Galaxy S9+" on the case back, just "Samsung". I'm actually good with that, for minimalist look. (Canadian market).

  18. Michael Diaz says:

    I just got the Sunshine Gold S9+ I love it! Such a great phone.

  19. Chad Hurley says:

    Gorilla glass really? Give this phone to a gorilla and see who wins​.

  20. Lori Saname says:

    Bigger is not better.

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