Galaxy S9 & S9+ || In-Depth Hands On Review

The Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+ (S9 Plus) are finally here! Here is my initial impressions, hands on review. They are incremental but are very welcome upgrades to the Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+. They feature a dual aperture camera, Intelligent Scan biometric unlocking, stereo speakers, AR Emojis, brighter, gorgeous super amoled displays and 960fps slow motion! Check it out inside this video! Stay tuned for the full review!

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20 Responses to “Galaxy S9 & S9+ || In-Depth Hands On Review”

  1. al solo says:

    Is anyone getting the slow charge? I have to keep buying new cables because they only fast charge for about a week then it seems like they burn out and only slow charge. Please message me if you know what's going on. I'm on my second phone and still the same issue.

  2. kyle oyeniran says:

    Watching on my s9 plus coral blue

  3. ktm crush says:

    Those phones hella sexy

  4. ThatAwakard Kidd23 says:

    Decided to go ahead and subscribe ethos channel. Probably gona pick up the S9 tomorrow.

  5. Hari says:

    I am about to buy Samsung S9 in Titanium Grey but ofc that color is not available in Denmark😢😭

  6. chelsea boy says:


  7. Cris Garcia 6 says:

    S9 is the best

  8. SCRUELLE 223 says:

    I’m getting me an s9+ next year

  9. Richard Myers says:

    many thanks erica i wanted to know was there more than 6&gb of storage i wonder can i get the 128gb here in ireland thanks again

  10. CoDex says:

    Watching on my s8 plus! 🙂

  11. Z0RO__ says:

    How good is the surround sound? I mean, one speaker is facing away so I'm not sure how good it is

  12. Mr Marcus says:

    Watching this on my lilac purple S9 International model love it

  13. coconut1984 coconut says:

    The day Samsung announces they have a removable battery, then I can justify paying $800…maybe.

  14. ali asger says:

    Was the s9 grey color or coral blue?

  15. Paula Penha says:

    Que muito mais celular Galaxy s9 Roxo muito bom 👍👍👍👍

  16. earl yu says:

    Still on my note 4, and thinking to upgrade coz the phone doesnt read the sim card sometimes and it restarts spontaneously, but dont know which one to get.😦

  17. scotty thompson says:

    cool samsung galaxy s9 do you still have this phone erica

  18. NeonLadyUK says:

    Shame that apart from the US market the battery is awful with the exynos. I saw tips how to change that but to do so it meant turning off the features that made it flagship. Sort your battery out Samsung.

  19. pav Singh says:

    Hii is it good idea to upgrade s7 edge to s9 plus?? Suggestions please guys

  20. Yuu Tuub says:

    Stuck between iphone 8 and galaxy s9
    I am not a big fan of big screens, very hard to use with one hand, always gets interrupted with palm; but galaxy's camera and screen quality is way better than stupid iphone.
    But iphone 8 is way better for daily uses, carry texting etc
    Any idea?

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