Galaxy S9+ Plus vs iPhone Xs Max – Full Comparison

In this video, we will do a full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs the iPhone Xs Max. Both the S9 Plus and the Xs Max are extremely popular smartphones and everyone wants to know which one is better.

In this video, I will give you a precise answer on which one to buy.

Let’s dive in.

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20 Responses to “Galaxy S9+ Plus vs iPhone Xs Max – Full Comparison”

  1. sharif qurbani says:

    The ease of use and Apps being much more refined on the iphone is a huge thing and one of the most important things, i had so many problems with running apps on the samsung which forced me to go back to the iphone

  2. BloxBuilds says:

    I’ve been using I phones forever, I’ve never tried anything new. I want the Galaxy s9 but I’m scared to make a change

  3. AnyFade says:

    The Samsung is basically a jailbroken iPhone: More customizing, less power, more apps and nerdy asf

  4. Tony MTA says:

    The only I don't like about Samsung is the curve display, the only reason I will go with iPhone this time….. I had all note series, this will be my first iphone

  5. Bryan Bridgemohan says:

    I love your Vidoes man Keep doing what you do.. You've helped me an probably millions of others

  6. Sudeep Deula says:

    I have s9plus I loved it

  7. wybraniec007 says:

    I made my decision… goin to buy s9+
    Fuck no- I won't be waiting for 10
    I know that s9+ will be doin well until Apple releases Iphone70

  8. Christian mark ramer Belandres says:

    I love my s9+

  9. Norbert Trujano says:

    Guys stop that nonsense!!! Both phones are amazing period. It’s all about personal preference and needs period. Argument have no point.

  10. Ivan Vega says:

    Dam!!! 63,000 emails?

  11. F N says:

    Smelly Indian and his biased opinion with Samsung. XS Max all day baby it’s sexy af and almost twice as powerful as the S9

  12. No Name says:

    ABSOLUTELY In love with my s9 plus! Most perfect phone ♡ especially loving the beautiful lilac purple color

  13. John Phillips says:

    6:55 literally lmao

  14. Nick P says:


  15. Kevin Rojas says:

    S9 plus is better than iPhone 😌

  16. Bert Manalili says:

    Galaxy S9+

  17. orb says:

    u can find s9 plus with 550 euros now…

  18. G Man says:

    Been using Apple phones since 2011 but am thinking about making a move to Samsung, the main reason is the price keeps going up but they are not coming up with anything new. Plus that damn notch thing kinda bugs me, i couldnt buy the phone just because of that. Wish i knew when the S10 was coming out.

  19. G Man says:

    Good non-biased video, I like the comparisons and throughout the video your not acting silly making crazy face expressions like alot of these youtube guys who compare phones.

  20. lupe Lopez says:

    Samsung offers you much more. People only fight and buy iPhone because it’s the most popular phone and want to blend in with most people who have the generic iPhone 😂 it’s simple as that haha. And the prof is in your face, look at the numbers and what both companies offer you! Samsung is way better haha, it’s right there!

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