Galaxy S9 Durability Test! – Upgraded Aluminum?!

Galaxy S9 dbrand Skins are HERE:
Samsung has released their newest flagship, the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus. This time… things are a bit different. New dual cameras fill up the Galaxy S9+ and variable aperture lenses cover the sensor inside the phones. Pretty impressive hardware. And that is what we are here to test. How durable is the Galaxy S9?

With new aluminum and thicker glass we are already off to a good start while testing the Galaxy S9. The scratch test is first, followed by a series of other tests including a flame test and a bend test. Bend testing the Galaxy S9 is the ultimate test of structural durability. Hopefully it survives…

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20 Responses to “Galaxy S9 Durability Test! – Upgraded Aluminum?!”

  1. Iskog Productions says:

    T H A T S A L O T O F D A M A G E

  2. Tahlil Muhammad says:

    The sides ear earrape for hedphone users

  3. Schweetz Sister says:

    S9+ please

  4. ang had says:

    Ye, its metal🧐😂

  5. nubcake says:

    Who's watching on the S9? I am 😆

  6. Theodor Zdravevski says:

    I watched this on a Samsung Galaxy S9, it hurt a little bit…

  7. I LOVE FRIEND says:

    Many test karun ga

  8. I LOVE FRIEND says:

    O 1 mobile mujhay do

  9. Fabian Rodriguez says:

    Those scratches r torture to my. ears.. 😣😤🤣

  10. vishnu balaji says:

    It's difficult to see this with my S9 😐😐😐

  11. MatrixRetoastet says:

    I binge watched your videos the last 2 days and I learned so much about phones and the internals. Additionally I like how you integrate the sponsoring messages into your videos. It's super fun to watch and your narration style with the banter makes it so much more enjoyable. Thank you for that!

  12. Mohammad Farhan R says:

    Hey, can you do the drop test while the phone is covered by skin? Just really want to know if skin can protect your back glass smartphone.

  13. rancid muffin says:

    Durability test Samsung not perfect but nice 9/10 like xz2 and p20

  14. TragestyX says:

    But I got two scratches and I only had keys. Interesting.

  15. hulkboy210 H says:

    ur not even trying so hard to bend go and watch applepro

  16. CallmeAffiliated says:

    Lmao at ar emoji

  17. Justin Y. says:

    Weight is quality? I'm louis vuitton, nice to meet ya.

  18. 아도니스 says:

    Oh no give me

  19. Harrison McCartney says:

    As someone who owns an S9+, this made me cringe a little inside. I'm glad to know that the build quality is pretty superior, but I still couldn't imagine subjecting my phone to this.

  20. ChawenHalo 008 says:

    I wonder how realistic these tests really are. My S9 did not survive 2 months in my pocket. The front scratched and the back (cover, finger print and camera cover separately at different times).

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