Galaxy S9 – A Long Term User Review!

The Galaxy S9 is the perfect smartphone for Samsung lovers. After using the device extensively since launch, Eber delivers the full verdict on many disappointing aspects & lovely surprises. Here’s our Galaxy S9 long term user review!

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20 Responses to “Galaxy S9 – A Long Term User Review!”

  1. Hillside Central Railway says:

    Great review, straight to the point!

  2. szeredai akos says:

    Weird, i have the S9+ and mobile data toggle is right there. I never use it, but still 😐

  3. Rafael Fyen says:

    Brightness in nits for S9 is approximately "1,130", for Pixel 2 (not XL which is brighter) it's "346"… seeing Pixel 2 being brighter could be because you changed the S9's display settings from "Adaptive Display" to "Basic". Maybe that mode doesn't feature the fancy AMOLED tricks.

    This is an odd con since Samsung phones are famous for having the brightest and most dazzling displays on the market. You can like the colours more on the Pixel phones, but they're not brighter. That's just flat out lying 🙂

    (EDIT) Also I mirror the rest of the people in here: is this a review or a comparison?

  4. Gabriel Arita says:

    Mobile data is there in the shortcuts, there's an edit buttons option to drag that from the unused buttons to the first page.

  5. theotherjeremy1 says:

    Dude this review sucks!

  6. Ty P. says:

    A liquid screen protector and phone case works just fine.

  7. Daffa Quanta says:

    Pixel this pixel that… camera eugh eugh blah blah software….. Saying the other phone isnt FUNCTIONAL? Lol.

  8. Kenny Thomas says:

    I know where your loyalty is. If I get a pixel Ill sub here so you can make me feel better bout owning a pixel

  9. Chris says:

    Was this a review for S9 or Google Pixel? Seems like this guy is obsessed with the pixel instead of actually doing a review for the S9. Horrible review.

  10. Uzair Amin says:

    Dimitri looks like chris pratt

  11. Sequoia Murray says:

    Too much comparison to the pixel. Did you like ANYTHING about the phone?

  12. Lon Brooklyn says:

    How is it on heating?

  13. Esquivo says:

    I thought this was s9 review, not "why I like pixel 2 more than s9"

  14. Jeremiah Goodwin says:

    Dude, you are wrong on like 8 things in the first like 3 minutes

  15. Keefed says:

    There is a difference between a SAMPLE product vs. the retail product. You are reaching so much in this video.

  16. Spankie Barnes says:

    Did he just say buying a otter box takes away the look of the phone?
    So does shattered glass I'll take the otter box anyday over that.
    Edit:I use my s9 on YouTube and I get 6 1/2 hours with the brightness half up. You're lying to people.

  17. maddoc336 says:

    Got a tech21 case, slim and super durable works great on my s8

  18. jason Wiltjer says:

    You say you never even used bixby….because its not as good as assistant. But how would you know if you didn't give bixby a shot?

  19. Gadget Man says:

    U need a heavy duty case for all of these glass orient phones, Meritcare protects my S8 very well although it does cover up the sexy design of the phone, but still can charge it wireless soI'm happy.

  20. Bubba Reeves says:

    Your friend didnt have a protective case.

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