Galaxy S8: First 10 Things to Do!

Galaxy S8 tips and tricks:

What should you do with your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ immediately following setup? Well, we’ve put together the first 10 things or tips and tricks that might help you get the most out of your new phone, right away.

In this clip, we talk security, the fingerprint reader, new buttons setup, Bixby or Google Assistant, launching the camera, and more!

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20 Responses to “Galaxy S8: First 10 Things to Do!”

  1. Sagarika Choudhary says:

    Is the phone in the video s8 or s8 plus??

  2. No One says:

    How to make home screen rotate

  3. LepTheDog says:

    Literally the First thing I do when I get a new phone is go to play store and check out the vr games

  4. Ken Coup says:

    They changed the background colors to lighter shades

  5. Ed Nevers says:

    Why did Samsung change the size of the USB plug on the S8 charger? I thought all charging plugs were supposed to be universal for Androids. Yes, I was provided an adapter to fit the charger for my old Samsung, but I'll always need to have the adapter with me in case I should forget my charger and need to use a different one.

  6. doodle says:

    Watching on the s8

  7. A Esparza says:

    Terrible phone just do this place your 8 face down on a table. Watch it slide off be careful. I've had my 7s for 16 months no scratches still looks new. Just got a 8s two weeks ago. Already a scratch on the screen. But the 7s battery is braining fast now.

  8. diana4sparky says:

    Brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for!

  9. It's a me Mario says:

    Turn off smartlock and that always on display could lead to burn in.

  10. Luis Gonzales says:

    i just gt this one for 450 unlocked nd am loving it.

  11. Jennifer Abel says:

    Can you add a custom signature to the samsung text app?

  12. Ibrahim Alqusaimi says:

    S9 first 10 things to do ?

  13. Stefany Bisoux says:

    I really recommend this video to new owners of a Samsung S8.

  14. Martha R says:

    coming here from 10 years of just owning iphone… mind blown why oh why did I wait so long

  15. NoSurrenderNever says:

    My S8 Active doesn't have the option to change the Nav Bar color and doesn't have the colors yours have. How can I choose the black color option??

  16. brittonrs26 says:

    Buy a case, because the whole thing is made of glass, and the back will crack and shatter if you just look at it funny. Why does a manufacturer make the phone completely of glass!?

  17. J T E X says:

    My home button doesn't let me pick the color that I want ;_;

  18. Endurance Barry says:

    I love the phone bro. 😂😂😂

  19. Tim Holst Petersen says:

    "this removal dude…. ahhh I think they call it the aaaahhhhhhh……. the ahhhhh…. eject pin or somethin'…."

    Great review _dude_!

    Ya kiddin' right?

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