Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 FULL Comparison with Camera Test!

Here is the Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 Full Comparison with Camera samples. Note 8 vs Note 9 review is highly requested. Is it worth upgrading to the Note 9 over the Note 8? Is the Note 9 Camera better?
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845:

Galaxy Note 9 by Samsung could be the best smartphone of 2018 but is it the best time to buy a Galaxy Note 8? Check out the Note 9 vs Note 8 camera test comparison and let me know who you think won. Full Galaxy Note 9 review coming up soon!

Video in partnership with Qualcomm but all opinions are my own.

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20 Responses to “Galaxy Note 9 vs Note 8 FULL Comparison with Camera Test!”

  1. Danny Winget says:

    YouTube finally processed past 360p! Shout out to the notification gang! Which one do you choose? Note 9 or Note 8?

  2. Sereno Pittman says:

    Note8 sounds better to me

  3. Shyam Basnet says:

    Not 9 best phone

  4. Mzwandile Harmans says:

    Am watching from my 2months old note8. I previously used iphone8 plus but got stolen so I looked for something to use urgently. I was surprised the note8 64GB was 14% cheaper than the smaller 4.7inch 64GB iphone8 so thats the only reason I bought it. I didnt want to spend a lot on small iphone. This proves how fast samsung phones depreciate. One of big reasons I hate android phones (except for Google Pixels which keeps its value longer like Apple). Secondly, the 3300mAh battery on note8 I dont think its doing better than the smaller 2691mAh on iphone8 plus which was just great even beat that 2716mAh battery of iPhoneX, I guess the bigger screen was the factor here. So my point is that, the 4000mAh on note9 may just be a number given its running on android which is power hungry. All all these huge RAM on androids which get exhausted when the cache junk data builds up over time and requires me to clear cache and chows my mobile data, that does not happen on iPhones. I just feel there is no quality on android but quantity. Their RAM are huge and their apps huge too and take so much space. That is why RAM on iPhones are smaller bcos IOS apps are optimised for iPhones. Whereas Google's Android is for everyone, samsung, LG, Huawei, Motorola, nokia, Vodafone, etc. Samsung has all the time to make phones as they are not producing either Android like Google or IOS like Apple, Apple and Google are very busy manufactures. Samsung spends time manufacturing tonnes of cheap phones to flagships that depreciate like crazy. Hence you don't find a cheap Pixel or Apple.

  5. Mzwandile Harmans says:

    Note9 camera improved. Finally now it can shoot 4K at 60fps in 2018. Apple did that in its 2017 iphone 8. Maybe bcos apple launches their phones later in the year🤔

  6. Jean Bulatao says:

    I love my note 8 and thinking whether if its worth to upgrade to 9 but after watching your video i said to my self "f*ck it ill get the note 9" great video bro thanks

  7. Dee Dee says:

    Yes please … more camera compare ❤

  8. daimon rhodes says:

    I'm a galaxy note lover. I like the pen in the note 9, seems really cool to do those things with it. The note 8 would still be a really great upgrade for me since I have a note 4. Didn't see a really big difference in the pictures, only in low light. Battery life and memory is where I would go with the note 9. Samsung is on point. You did great job with the comparison, thanks man.

  9. kevin clayton says:

    I'm sticking with my NOTE8 with a 4000miap battery in's just a I'm happy untill the note10 comes out next year

  10. curiocritters says:

    Fabulous comparison!

    I switched from a month old 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus to a 512 GB Exynos variant of the Note 9.

    It is the nicest pocket computer, I have owned, period!

    Am so glad I switched.


  11. Subas Sahoo says:

    Note9 started busted due to tremendous heat is it true? can we upload note9 Rom in Note8 ?? if yes how

  12. Iamrafael says:

    I’ve been waiting for my note 10 days now just because I wanted the blue ! 😡

  13. real talk says:

    Where did u get that black theme on note 9

  14. panggih mulyono says:

    Saya pingin beli note 9 tp sdh terlanjur beli s9+

  15. tornadocapoeira says:

    Full camera compere

  16. Natasha Khan says:

    Watching on my brand new note 8 dual sim phone

  17. Michelle Direlle says:

    I'm just interested in the camera. That was standing also in the title. I dont wanna wait till min 100.. 😤Welcome 2 my Channel, Michèlle D. (Card Readings in Design, Music & Arts

  18. Jonny Lee says:

    Very well made video, informative and entertaining.

  19. Sereno Pittman says:

    Why do everyone say the fingerprint Scanner is next to the camera cause it's not it is closer to the heart sensor

  20. Rajib Ghos says:

    You are covered everything that i want

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