Galaxy Note 9 – The 5 HIDDEN Tricks You DIDN’T Know

Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we go over 5 tricks on the galaxy note 9 that you probably didnt know. let know if which were new and which were old to you.

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20 Responses to “Galaxy Note 9 – The 5 HIDDEN Tricks You DIDN’T Know”

  1. Russell Pace says:

    Great and informative video. Love what this device can do.

  2. Sergio_potatosalad says:

    I think that every person that has owned a Samsung phone for about 3 years know every single one of these features.

  3. KHD says:

    How to do fingerprint to secure folder and can open it from locked phone

  4. Bobby Hz says:

    Cool beans man. Thank you!

  5. Altaïr T says:

    Nice video…
    The question is: how to create my PROFILE and my spouse's?

  6. Sebin Joy says:

    I own note9 . Let me see if it's new tricks.
    1st trick ✔
    2nd trick ❌
    3rd trick ✔
    4th trick ✔
    5th trick ❌
    I like the 5th one . Good job bro. Thanks

  7. Marc Co says:

    hi Jim…is it possible to transfer files (photos), via wired connection, from iphone 6s to samsung phones (s9)?
    I saw you made a video about transferring music, I was wondering if it would work for photos too?

  8. Chris B says:

    All applicable to Note 8, cool!

  9. Hills Xiang says:

    Love the gifts trick thanks for putting it out here.

  10. vee4410 says:

    I still don't know if I want to upgrade from my Note 4 as I don't really have any issues with it and been using it for almost 4 years.

  11. NISHANT SINGH says:

    Should I upgrade from pixel 2 to note 9 ???

  12. Jose Luis Ruiz says:

    Damn, I was digging that intro Beat! 😎 thanks for the tip on the Note 9. I just ordered the Cloud Silver 512GB Note 9 from BestBuy but won't be getting it till November 10 😓

  13. Kevin Joseph says:

    Watching this on my note 9 512 gb 🙂

  14. Parthib Roy says:

    You described everything like a pro i thing you just drank all features of Samsung galaxy note it was helpful

  15. Greg PCHandyman says:

    Well done, Jimmy! I really enjoyed that. However, you ought to do a video on the Note 9 and Android Auto. Some useful stuff there, too.

  16. ChrissieBabi says:

    Watching on my note 9 😁

  17. Sandy Raj says:

    How to stop bixby

  18. Samsung says:

    i knew all of them

  19. Els Haesevoets says:

    We have a king off pop, you are the king off samsung!

  20. Jeya Vignesh says:


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