Galaxy Note 9 Review: One Month Later (Part 1)

I used the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for over a month. Here are 5 reasons I find the Note 9 worth buying. This is part 1. Part 2:
1. Intro: (0:04)
2. The display specs & thoughts (1:09)
3. Display measurements (2:34)
4. Display Shadow Clipping (4:56)
5. Display Edge Light glow (5:37)
6. The Pen Oldies but Goodies & what is actually useful (6:51)
7. All about the new pen features (11:53)
8. What’s in part 2 (15:00)

Part 2:
9. Intro: (
10: S Pen Corrections ( )
11. Camera improvements (
12. Thank you LastPass for sponsoring this video! (
13. Game performance (
Battery: (
128GB vs 512GB: (
6GB vs 8GB: (
15. Conclusion: (

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20 Responses to “Galaxy Note 9 Review: One Month Later (Part 1)”

  1. Akshay Sital says:

    You, MrMobile [Michael Fisher] and DetroitBORG are the best and the OG tech reviewers. It would be nice if you could review the Poco F1 in-depth, I returned mine because of the bad camera performance.

  2. Oleg Yefremov says:

    I'm actually watching this on my note 9. You showed me a lot of goodies about the phone like pressing hard on the bottom works like home button. Thank you

  3. mikldude says:

    Good review , i love galaxy notes .

  4. Johnny Emezie says:

    She honestly sounds like a mean reviewer by her tone.

  5. MilanLucicGirl17 says:

    I am looking to get this next week. This video was very helpful!!

  6. Jeff Wissing says:

    Erica your Galaxy S9 Note Vids are GREAT! I should have waited and watched these first instead doing what I did!!!!!!!!

  7. Jeff Wissing says:

    I should have stayed with Android instead of switching to Apple but I wanted to see what the Apple Hype was about so I bought a iPhone 8, Gen 6 iPad,ear pods,apple pen and Apple Watch series 3……..yikes!

  8. tr8702 says:

    OMG I just can't find that shadow clipping test image she is using… Could someone please help me out with a link for getting the same exact image – just to compare the clipping of my new one 😉 Great video by the way, loving these detailed reviews.

  9. Daniel Wells says:

    Dear God PLEASE don't start doing those annoying hand gestures.

  10. jaspreet singh says:

    Love the wallpaper, how can i get it

  11. Meina Mdn says:

    Really great wallpaper 😉

  12. Kevin Lee says:

    Omg! You make really great thorough reviews that showcase products strengths and weaknesses with exacting and meticulous detail! Keep em coming! Subscribed!

  13. kntwing says:

    i just got my in purple yesterday..11.3.18..switch from apple to sam sung..i like the note 9 better then i phone 7 plus..

  14. Chrome Dude says:

    The phone is $200 from my service provider now ☺️

  15. Bailey says:

    Very informative and helpful, thank you!

  16. audiotrax2000 says:

    Very well made video. I learned a whole lot.

  17. Matthew Johnson says:

    They should do some Augmented Reality things with the S-Pen where you can put the pin in front of the camera and do some things.

  18. Damien Mind Your Business says:

    Erica you're so hot😁

  19. Simple Tech says:

    I bought it for $729

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