Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Beta Review: New Features and Stability!

Happy to be back, missed you guys!
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20 Responses to “Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Beta Review: New Features and Stability!”

  1. Jeff Springer says:

    Good to be back!

  2. r0cksteady1 says:

    Ugly UI

  3. Yolo Guy says:

    I like most of it but I rather have vertical recent apps then horizontal taking up way more room

  4. supernightslash says:

    Oh thanks! I hate it.

  5. Hamza Malik says:

    How about the s8 plus??

  6. TheShilence says:

    The tutorial says this only works on the snapdragon version. So I have a exynos version of the S9+. Anyone know when it is possible to update to Andriod 9 and SE 10?

  7. Chris Berry says:

    Can't wait for gestures for the navigation bar on my S8

  8. Strahinja says:

    The only thing i like is Always On notification icons…

  9. Five Star Reviews says:

    That settings page is a BIG no. Never seen something more difficult to look at. When you turned dark mode off, my eyes actually hurt. It looks like a beta skin in stage 1 of development before they put colors and refinement in. Who does 100% white on 100% black background. Yikes. But the rest I thought looked ok. Kind of like it. Though it does look like a custom rom tbh.

  10. Clark _Elite says:

    I love it! can't wait to get it on my Note 8's and S8+

  11. Adriana Taju says:

    Wow I'm waiting in Thailand yet 8.1.0

  12. JM TechReview says:

    Some changes are good, but some I dont like – for example the settings – wtf is that? And also the new messeges app icon – it doesnt look bad, but it just doesnt fit in other Samsung icons style – they all have a single line design and the new messeges app doesnt, so maybe other icons will get changed as well? I dont know… Overall mixed feelings about this new UI design…

  13. OKC says:

    The always on display look so ugly 😖 what has Samsung become…

  14. 7mosh PC says:

    I'm gonna wait for samsung to download it

  15. leinadyon says:

    Disgusting now it looks like a shitty custom ROM

  16. SIMON RED says:

    I like android 8.1 better then 9.0

  17. Sahar Ahmad says:

    I want note 9 pkz contect with me my wattsapp no 00923202420603

  18. XxKazxX xoxo says:

    Personally I hate AOD because it burns battery, not as much as it did with the S7 edge but I like my All day battery so no thanx and also I love my Power savings Mode… I love how it saves battery automatically for me… and i have used this phone for 3 days on a single charge, since the first 2 days i didn't use much except for a few hrs, I love my Note 9 and the battery is the best in any smartphone ever

  19. Ed Me says:

    How did u get Samsung experiences 10

  20. Séverinho Réchards says:

    This is a beta right. I mean I'm a huge Samsung fan but please. It starts to look like MIUI and stock Android at the same time for me….

    Edit: sorry wasn't that far in the video yet… he just said it's a beta
    Edit 2: i just saw it in the title as well…
    Edit 3: i'm a dumbass

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