First Looks – Samsung Galaxy S III Exclusive Detailed Look

We visited Samsung’s offices today to spend some time with the Samsung Galaxy S3 to bring you a more detailed look at the phone.

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25 Responses to “First Looks – Samsung Galaxy S III Exclusive Detailed Look”

  1. FreakCheat says:

    wich color is better marble white or pebble blue?

  2. farhatzyza110109ok says:

    Hi…is the latest firmware update come yet to singapore???please respond s3 users

  3. oikworld says:

    Tibilqshvili gotcha

  4. lnwreal9 says:

    is the touchscreen good? are they super responsive?

  5. YolkyCape says:

    Er do you know how long do we need to charge for 1st time usage?

  6. nitish21 says:

    Very good review of the phone …u sold me

  7. anulgrg11 says:

    nicee samsung

  8. MrNeusoul says:

    Having has the palm pre, Samsung vibrant, droid x, & now an iPhone 4s, hands down Samsung still makes the best android phones, regardless of what ppl think of touchwiz. I can honestly say that apple is a bit above android in certain ways, but google also does certain things better than iOS. If the new iPhone doesn’t step up, I’m getting a s3. But u know when the s3 comes to the U.S., it won’t look nearly as good as the international version, as seen w/the s2. The white one looks good tho.

  9. fabiswhatyoucallme says:

    I think they should put a camera button! Its soo hard trying to take picture of yourself using the rear camera. It takes me like 5 minutes just to take 1 still picture of myself. I always miss it

  10. onyilofor says:

    exynos is beter and faster than snapdragon.If that’s your only problem with the phone then go buy the phone.You are good.

  11. Ali Mahmood says:

    Blue because it has a matte finish whereas the white one has a glossy finish which makes it look cheap.

  12. Lissie122 says:

    What is it with YOU my friend? ‘Asians’ are not the only one with ‘long fingernails’, any human is capable. And they aren’t even that bad so grow the fuck up!

  13. lambdachi493 says:

    What is it with you asian’s and your disgustingly long fingernails?

  14. KingShreeKrishna says:

    good job with the reviews, keep it up man

  15. Alex lee says:

    um i um um um um um um um um um um um um eat um um um um um mc spicy um um um um um

  16. LionheartCloud says:

    @brask310 You are absolutely wrong. Exynos chipsets have shown to be faster than TEGRA 3 in quadrant tests.

  17. brask310 says:

    I plan on buying this phone because I have already bought my Partner her HTC One X. But question: why S3 has 1.4Ghz compared to One X’s 1.5Ghz??? a newer phone with a tiny bit lower specs? (I know it’s a little difference but still…) 

  18. Randomer13232 says:

    Should I buy it at blue or white color?

  19. SJEmUnited says:

    Great video BTW

  20. SJEmUnited says:

    Yeahhhh!! Samsung Galaxy S III is awesome, I love my S II but this is even better..

  21. Arms Armsi says:

    А руки ж блять как у девственницы…

  22. Superbustr says:

    iphone 5……

  23. h2bridge says:

    Tech65, Do you have an estimate on the price?

  24. rebsnus8385 says:

    My galaxy nexus is still a beast I will just wait for the next nexus

  25. 65bits says:

    This phone is still pre-alpha during our review, so that are some apps that is buggy.
    In my opinion, S voice is pretty accurate compared to Siri, and with the additional enhancement on the video player give the user an additional benefit when viewing videos. It is a nice phone and I wouldn’t mind using Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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