First Look: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

A First Look at Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Director’s channels- Technology Minecraft channel: Here’s a first look at the Samsung Galaxy S III for Verizon Wireless. This smartphone will be available for pre-order this Wednesday June 6. Pricing will be 0 for the 16GB and 0 for the 32GB. This device will be Verizon’s flagship Android smartphone and will feature 2GB of RAM with a 1.5 Ghz dual-core processor. All pictures in this video are courtesy of Verizon Wireless. Check out the phone on their website by clicking the link below. Follow me on Twitter:

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24 Responses to “First Look: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3”

  1. smithamy5201314 says:

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  2. ajdragon260 says:

    if you got on the verizon web site on the 5 of July you could of order it then.And by the way you shoud make your bed if you don’t want to have to bad comments say something like make your bed you pig.But be sides for that good video.

  3. djwright66 says:

    Sit still and make your bed.

  4. lallu316 says:

    Well done, kid. You speak well for someone so young.

  5. djwillmanofhouse says:

    Your sad buddy

  6. theawsomekicker says:

    Waiting on pre orders to ship

  7. Derek Carstensen says:

    You meant respectively not respectfully. Unsubbed. XD

  8. trintube68 says:

    Can’t wait till the pre orders are shipped! #xmasinjuly

  9. brakish1 says:

    4G LTE and Quad-Cores don’t work together (yet). But don’t worry — The S4 Snapdragon and 2GB of RAM will feel ALOT smoother than a quad-core and 1 GB of RAM. The RAM will be the game changer here.

  10. boominz28 says:

    i just bought the one for verizon , but you think its possible for you to show a difference between the dual core and the quad core, im a little upset because i didnt read that part . i was thinkning it was quad core lol

  11. Srdjan Smudja says:

    Wtf US version of GS3 will only have dual core CPU!? Rest of the world gets quad core CPU!

  12. berg6516 says:

    You didn’t make.your bed young man

  13. rguitar78 says:

    Will the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 take full advantage of UHS-I class cards? Could I use a 64GB card to make my 16GB an 80GB? Lastly, would this be a faster memory solution than internal 16GB?

  14. MrDJEMAR says:


  15. CrazyiPodReviewer says:

    Thanks man!! 🙂

  16. ninjapig123 says:

    Nice vid

  17. wlsdn0128 says:

    It’s same as Nexus. Bit bigger / 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED Display. Resolution of 1280 X 720p. I heard that it’s better display than what Nexus or Note got. More ppi pixels , Screen is brighter ! 🙂

  18. Kaan Okur says:

    ´purl blue ? lol

  19. CrazyiPodReviewer says:

    You’ll definitely be one of the few in the United States that has a quad-core GS3! I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂

  20. shortdom107 says:

    Its expensive bought unlocked version for 770.00 so worth it im in the states in illinois only good thing is i now got quad core.

  21. CrazyiPodReviewer says:

    Thanks man!! 🙂

  22. CrazyiPodReviewer says:

    Haha I know right? I figured it would at least start at like $300

  23. TheSmokingAndroid says:

    Good video bro =)

  24. mrmaximiser1 says:

    so godamn cheap

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