Drop Test: iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Click here to check out the Nissan Innovation Garage. www.NissanInnovationGarage.com *Spoiler* While Apple products have never had a strong history of durability against impacts, the iPhone 5 definitely stands above its predecessors. It did not survive the face down drop test, but it took the back and corner drop tests like a champ. Its main competitor the Galaxy S3 failed to stave off damage on even the first drop. The iPhone 5 may not have the durability that would survive harsher impacts, but it sure has made some massive strides in the right direction. Don’t forget to check out our other channels BeyondSlowMotion – http QuadronTV – www.youtube.com DarrenDyk – www.youtube.com (Also A big shout out to Eric Boutte who made it possible for me to get out and shoot this episode today! – Darren) -GizmoSlip

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25 Responses to “Drop Test: iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3”

  1. Dawnengine says:

    True 😉

  2. Dawnengine says:

    You clearly don’t know what quality, improvement and design is. Go back using?
    I have always been using and will never stop using.

    Go ahead and use your overused shit phone… Revolution, a word unknown to Apple.

    By the way, you don’t even know what device I have.

  3. Nepsotic says:

    They aren’t designed to be dropped, are you fucking retarded?

  4. SwiftHDX says:

    You clearly have no idea what a quality finish is then. Go back to using your oversized plastic crap. Make sure not to drop it though, the screen won’t work.

  5. Dawnengine says:

    Gotta love those comments, keep them coming.

  6. Dawnengine says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, but I own one. I don’t think you ever have tried an iPhone 5, because everyone should know one simple thing: it feels like shit.


  7. SwiftHDX says:

    Thanks for that, I honestly couldn’t have asked for more. I love you.

  8. Justin Hu says:

    Click show the comment for a fanboy fight

  9. Justin Hu says:

    oh wait the iphones thinner

  10. SwiftHDX says:

    You’re beginning to sound like you’ve never even seen the iPhone 5 in real life.

  11. MegaJesse44 says:

    Unfair they need to get a iPhone 3 not an iPhone 5 against samsung galaxy 3

  12. Dawnengine says:

    No, because it felt like shit. lol.

  13. Ee Zen Tok says:

    Of Course!!Nokia phones are the best at durability!

  14. Joshua Guzek says:

    Wait did you compare the iPhone 5 with the GSIII that you already tested? or was it a new one?

  15. Joshua Guzek says:

    *drops nokia* *goes through the earth and rips it apart*

  16. AnixeHD says:

    Hahaha. Compare this to the NOKIA LUMIA 920 DROP TEST E3c8il_Q6SU 🙂

  17. mandeep singh says:

    finger cross, if i drop my note 2 , i gonna get heart attack, how u guys manage

  18. itchyfingers89 says:

    The plastic frame is just too weak to sustain a drop in order to protect the screen. Because of the strong metal frame of the iphone, the screen is not damaged.

  19. itchyfingers89 says:

    hey dumbfuck, plastic doesn’t absorb shock any better than aluminum. like how the samsung got fucked in this video. plus, i don’t intend on dropping my phone. your brittle plastic samsung would crack in a drop in the winter weather

  20. SweetSugarCharms11 says:

    Iphone5!!!!!! :)

  21. David O'Hara says:

    @madhav shenoy actually the RAZR and many phones from oppo are thinner

  22. TomsCyberTech says:

    and it doesnt have gorilla glass

  23. Austin Savage says:

    Wrong. Just wrong. Please google your information.

  24. Pulse589 says:

    idiot..plastic is a shock absorber

  25. Madhav Shenoy says:

    iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world at the moment. So your theory is wrong.

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