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Computer Motherboards

A motherboard is one of the most essential pieces of equipment needed for a computer to function. Motherboards are the central hubs through which every piece of hardware communicates. Components such as graphics cards, memory sticks, hard drives, and CPUs (short for central processing unit) all require the motherboard as a base of operations and would all be useless without one.

Cheap windows 7 retail

Are you an avid Windows XP user and in dilemma whether to go for Windows 7 or not? This is the latest operating system from Microsoft and it has been designed to simplify the everyday tasks. And your computing experiences will be much better with Windows 7 as compared to XP. In this article we have discussed seven best reasons to make the move to Windows 7. If you already have this OS and looking for Windows 7 support get in touch with a computer repair company.

Windows 7 Test Setup

Windows 7 is available for testing and I wanted to check it out. How to do this safely without buying a new machine?

There is a short and simple answer, but it isn’t always straight forward. It does come in the form of free software, which is always good.

The solution is to install Virtual PC (Microsoft Virtual PC) on your computer. This software emulates a computer, and you can install an operating system on this emulated computer, which is independent of your host operating system.

Windows 7 in Review

Windows XP has become the staple operating system for personal computers. For the past 8 years it has been the operating system of choice for corporations, gamers, and college students alike. When Microsoft released Windows Vista everyone was overly excited. This excitement ended quickly when everyone realized that Windows Vista was not what everyone thought. However it is a known fact that with nothing new in the operating system market Microsoft has been losing ground to Mac users. Could Windows 7 be the answer to all of Microsoft’s problems? Many PC users fell this is true.

Computer Software

Computer software, or software, is the term used to generally refer to the operating and roles those computer procedures, documentation, and programs have in a computer system. This includes application software like word processors, firmware, software programmed to digitally service memory on integrated hardware carriers. Software testing such as tests on functionality, appearance and performance, and Middleware, a program that regulates and controls coordinates distributed systems. All of these things and more are covered in the broad term of computer software.

Windows Mobile 7

Mobile phones need no introduction, they are one of the fastest growing means of wireless communication. Technology, and the cut-throat mobile phone competition has given rise to an inversely proportional relationship between the features and the price – as features rise, the price lowers. For instance, smartphones – the multitasking, multi featured phone was once prized around 20,000- 35,000. interestingly, some of the latest smartphones launched in the market are priced at around 8-10,00, and the prices are expected to go down further. Now, these smartphones are also known for their computer like functionalities, they work on a processor, and an operating system more so like a PC.

Computer Programing

Basic Computer Programing

In this article, we are going to present computer programing and discover how it may be applied to command the way your computer operates. Generally, computer beginners aren’t concerned in controlling the computer, new computer users are commonly concerned in learning more about how it all works. Nevertheless they may be surprised to learn that computer programing increases computer knowledge as a whole and it can assist to decrease the fearfulness and intimidation associated with using a new computer.

Slow Computer

For some reason or another we all have issues with putting stuff on our computers. Many of us add more and more stuff the more that we get interested in. It is human nature to explore our world and wonder about topics and research things. Many of us get into trends and our computers suffer from it. For example, some people will go through a video game phase. For months you may play either online games or go buy games beat them and buy more games. All of this is what can harm your computer and make it slow. Yes we all agree that a computer is suppose to be a machine that works for you but what happens when it slows down so much that you cannot take it anymore. What do we do? Do we just not follow human nature and not research things within our world? Or maybe we should just stop trying new things? I think many of us all know that this cannot be done and that is a freedom as a human being.

Wireless Computer Headset

Computer headsets make it possible to be more effective and productive at your computer. You can keep your hands free, and still talk on the phone, organize your day and take care of whatever needs to be done. Having a wireless headset is one of the easiest ways that you can do all of the things you need to do at your computer, without having the hassle of holding onto a phone when you are trying to type on the computer.

Computer Monitors

Computers and the Internet have changed and continue to change the world. The computer is the vehicle that is introducing the world to technological advancements and medical and social achievements. Computer monitors are the windows of this new world and they continue to improve in quality and performance. The computer monitor of ten years ago is not the same visual display unit it is now, but it’s still a piece of electrical equipment which can display a wide range of images from the video output of different computers, without creating a permanent record. The display device used to display images today is a thin film transistor liquid crystal display also known as TFT-LCD. The older monitors used a CRT or cathode ray tube.

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