Apple Leaks iPhone X FINAL Design & Features!

BIGGEST Apple Leak In 5+ Years. iPhone X LEAKED Design, Display, Wireless Charging, Face ID, Infrared & More Features Leak!

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20 Responses to “Apple Leaks iPhone X FINAL Design & Features!”

  1. I One Two Far Q says:

    The rumours actually came true

  2. Dat YouTuber Jay says:

    Only if they would let me help them come up with stuff

  3. Dat YouTuber Jay says:

    They. Need to stop making iPhone for at least 3 years

  4. Tywin Lannister says:

    Omg. Seems you were quite right in your information. Kudos

  5. Miles Jacob Summerall says:

    "It has more screen in height, but it can't fit the same kinds of data onscreen as the Plus can. WELL THAT'S GOOD. I love my iPhone 6S PLUS.

  6. iiArabPablo says:

    You were right😳

  7. Eric P says:

    That cutout tho, no ma'am

  8. Pixel Gamer77 says:

    If your a fan droid then why are you watching this

  9. JG says:

    my Samsung s8+ can unlock with the iris scanner in complete darkness

  10. Scott D says:

    Ugly iPhone 8
    Hump back camera bulge and a unibrow on the front lol "What a looker"

  11. Auraburst says:

    This phone is going to have a lot of awesome features, I can almost guarantee that. However, the fact that the screen looks the way it does is going to make it EXTREMELY hard to make a good-feeling, protective case.

  12. Mino Marimat says:

    cool shirt bro.

  13. Prashant Shrestha says:


  14. M02Gaming says:

    100% copied by Samsung. Apple is just a waste of 5 letters

  15. masayako says:

    This is the year Apple iphone sales will go down. Also, 2017 is the year mark the decline of Apple as a company. Mark my words. So sad, this is coming from an Apple shareholder here.. All these wrong design choices.

  16. Aswini Kumar says:

    Bro plzz give me one iphone

  17. adam locke says:

    I am stuck on the iPhone se hope they keep making new. I like the smaller phone.

  18. Nixon Apun says:

    This is 8 for me soon!

  19. enkitoo says:

    rather than thinking that this was leaked by accident I think this was leaked on purpose just like apple used to leak stuff in the past. i guess it was an idea of the commercial department of apple to make the customers even more cheering for the new iphone and all its features. they use a psychological fact there. if you think about something really hard like we do on how the iphone will look like and what special features it will contain then we kinda implement the iphone into our head and raising our joy for this product. therefore being more likely to buy this product when it comes out.

  20. FaXTS Inc says:

    Nice iPhone 8

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