Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8!

Complete iPhone 8 vs Galaxy S8 Hands on speed test & Camera Comparison!
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The iPhone 8 & 8 Plus feature Apple’s A11 Bionic Chip, Wireless Charging, Improved cameras (dual camera + portrait mode on the 8 plus), iOS 11 and more but is it enough to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and it’s beautiful 5.8″ Infinity Display, 12MP camera and….Bixby? 😀

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 / 8 Plus!
iPhone X Hands on!

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20 Responses to “Apple iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8!”

  1. Jonathan Morrison says:

    Hey guys, appreciate the feedback on the ad. Stuff like this helps fuel the giveaways to give back to you guys but I respect the feedback 🙌🏼 Also all YouTube ads were disabled from the start to offset it 🙃

  2. Krissy Johnson says:

    🍎 🍏 APPLE girl forever❣️
    IMHO, iPhone 📱 is much user-friendly & understandable to me than some of those Galaxies I’ve seen. #TEAMiPhone

  3. Non YoDamnBusiness says:

    Only reason I dislike galaxy is because the emojis could be better thats something Iphone will always overpower

  4. VenomRX says:

    iPhone users: don't understand the concept of money, don't care too much about phone specs, spends most time on social media. Samsung users: sensible with money, Care about geeky phone specs, Spends all time using technology and have no social life online or in real life. IM NOT HATING ON EITHER PHONE, ITS JUST A STEREOTYPE JOKE.

  5. racist hillbilly says:

    Dont lie cmon, that game looks terrible

  6. Radhey Shyam Gautam says:

    still android is better than ios

  7. Koby Murphy says:

    I think he’s a Samsung person cuz he’s always saying it’s good it’s great and when it comes to the iPhone he says it’s not better buts it’s ‘equal’

  8. Jordi Porta says:

    How do you do that? 3:38

  9. Brenda George says:

    Woww. Samsung Galaxy S8 & Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Free For any one here
    ==>>> 5:23

  10. Moonlight says:



  11. Nick Botha says:

    Why am I watching walking dead game adverts ?

  12. Chan says:

    What a wonderful phone Galaxy S8 😲😲

  13. Larry Page says:

    Good Video.
    If you have any issue about your iPhone and iPads, Contact Us Now.
    917 741 1175.
    718 313 2210.

  14. Phone Hseng says:

    5:50 "mega pickle"

  15. Abhirup Majumdar says:

    This video has more sponsorship time than actual comparison… just remembered why I had unsubscribed way back.

  16. Doretta says:

    Get An Samsung Galaxy S8 Now
    ==get it here /nM4bCqxgq2?YvQ3W0j9t 4:60

  17. Jorge Martinez says:

    Iphone 8 se bien de espalda, la pesadilla empienza cuando lo ves de frete. XD

  18. Purple Turtle says:

    The problem with Android is that the phones using it are limited by the choice of SoC. Why manufacturers still insist on using Qualcomm chips is beyond me. They've obviously stagnated and each new release only increases speed slightly.

    I'd have though Samsung would have just decided to take their own chips to the next level instead of leading only slightly more than Qualcomm chips or if Intel would start to have their chips put into phones.

    Using Qualcomm is just a ridiculous mistake.

  19. Ulimwengu John says:

    I have gs7 and i4n se..surely I real like iphone.I think I wont buy samsung phones/android devices

  20. Ay says:

    its like display vs software and quality. i cant choose which is better for me

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