Apple iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)

iPhone 8 skins:
iPhone 8+ skins:

Thanks for watching my in-depth unboxing & review of the Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in Gold, Silver, and Space Gray.






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20 Responses to “Apple iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus: Unboxing & Review (All Colors)”

  1. MANJOTTHEGAMER 55 says:

    I like the gold and the space grey

  2. Lili Tersztyánszky says:

    Dont you wanna do a give away?😅😅

  3. M Brown says:

    Apples so lazy not only can they not change the design but they can't even change the colour label lol. Space gray space gray space gray, all different colours.

  4. syzhm channel says:


  5. Drink bleach says:

    SOMEONE HELP me , i'll be getting my 8 plus next week and i dont know which one to get. Gold or silver

  6. Random Dude says:

    Was their ever a Rose Golf Color?

  7. Zoki Tv says:

    Plus the red one

  8. Himanshu Verma says:

    Original iphone aur fake iphone ma kaya antar h

  9. Himanshu Verma says:

    Original iphone aur fake iphone ma kaya antar h

  10. Person of This world says:

    Ppl say ‘oh this doesn’t have Oled display’ and ‘these displays are so old’ like no one genuinely cares about the display I like the display on my iPhone 5s

  11. Mãríšøl M says:

    Were the red?

  12. Jay White says:

    I’ve the iPhone 8plus I got it on Thursday

  13. UNICORNS4LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 says:

    I got the rose gold iPhone 8+ on Christmas 2017 I was so happy

  14. Avigel Gebrewold says:

    I like seeing unboxing videos that are my phone (I have an iPhone 8

  15. Chew Yu Xuan says:

    Can i have one iphone 8
    My mom loves it
    And her phone screen was break

  16. Leicestershire Dash Cam says:

    Your voice reminds me of joe from family guy for some reason 😂

  17. mohammed basim says:

    i asked my dad if i can get 8 plus jetblack
    all i got was shoutings and refuses

  18. mohammed basim says:

    i am watching this from december 2027

  19. mohammed basim says:

    anyone watching what they are not getting???

  20. tiktik leung says:

    I love it

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