Apple iPhone 8 Review: A great “Plan B”

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Watch our Apple iPhone 8 review. The iPhone 8 doesn’t seem to be getting the reception that new iPhones usually get. It didn’t fully sell out like iPhones do every year, and the legendary lines at stores were, well.. not there. The general consensus is that most people are waiting for the iPhone X. So the question of the year: Who is this phone for? Watch our iPhone 8 review to learn more.

Iteration on the side of caution has been the Apple way for decades. You can see it in the Mac where you only see design changes every four years or so. You saw it with iPhones every two years as well, but.. Did you notice that move where Cupertino launched the iPhone SE? It turns out that one of Apple’s best selling phones is a design that’s a crazy 6 years old. There seems to be some logic in Apple retaining the design of the iPhone 6 for a fourth generation. For us gadget fans, that’s stupid, but it seems that most iPhone users just don’t want such a dramatic change.

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20 Responses to “Apple iPhone 8 Review: A great “Plan B””

  1. Artistics Gymnastics says:

    I think is for people using the 5 or less, but that can't pay for the X. This is me, I'm in love with my 8 after years of my 5S.

  2. Joe Colwell says:

    Can you still use wireless charging with a dbrand skin?

  3. TypeONegative 1377 says:

    Coming from a 5s which should I get,iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus?

  4. TypeONegative 1377 says:

    What is your name? Didn’t catch it.

  5. King_of_Hearts says:

    Watching on iPhone 8 😂😜🤙🏽🤙🏽

  6. Eric Cartman says:

    It’s funny to see all youtube reviewers adjust their opinion within 2 / 3 months if it comes to the iphone 8.

    It makes them like clowns.

  7. Wreck Tangle says:

    James thats your name JAMES!

  8. Carrie Tipps says:

    Had a 7plus thought I wanted an S8 returned it after a week and have a regular 8. The smaller one doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s great. Works well with my little hands too. Lol.

  9. Mj Klaver says:

    As usual great review….but I’m still not over the line which iPhone to choose….7 or 8 + or no +

  10. Rajath Pc says:

    Upgrading from iPhone 5 sounds fun here

  11. courtney Vegan says:

    Its the bezels. Its looks toyish now. Next year Apple will change to a better looking 8 or 9.

  12. Kevin Grazier says:

    Love the 8
    Super fast

  13. Finn Peeters says:

    Number technology label plant worth actress now victory place.

  14. nomad 4357 says:

    Its plan A for me. Its minimalistic and cleaner looking than plus. I prefer phones that are comfortable to use with one hand. I also really liked 5-5s-se design

  15. Momma Bear says:

    The first generation argument doesn't apply. At first I agreed and thought hmm I shouldn't have humored all over the iPhone x because of the first gen issues then I realized hey apple has made so many models before I can't even really think of exactly how many models and variations there has been. For these reason the first gen argument doesn't apply. Sure there may be a quirk here or a glitch there but they aren't going to be hardware issues like before eight he very first iphone. The only thing I worry about is oled. We don't really know how long they last and burn in is a consideration.

  16. Tomas C K says:

    Its better than Iphone X if you still want to be on the iOS plattform…

  17. Dheemaan Mehta says:

    I'm higmarivara with pocket now

  18. Blueflam18 says:

    Great video!

  19. GreenPigKing says:

    It’s for kids and adults that don’t want to spend $1000

  20. Dante says:

    I bought a iPhone 8 Plus because of the CPU/GPU and the 4K60fps if Note 8 had 4K60fps i would of bought that Instantly i hate SD 835/Exynos … not much improvement and i Love android because you can get some bought apps free and you can change everything i LOVE a huge display because i watch YouTube 24/7 🙁

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