Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

We’re comparing the Apple iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The two are today’s most-craved-for smartphones. Which of the two makes your mouth water? Stay connected to Android Authority: https

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25 Responses to “Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2”

  1. ALEXFVHS says:

    u wont regret it

  2. mguerra310 says:

    Well the debate is over. Record sales for iphone 5 means they won 🙁

  3. XaryC94 says:

    You can’t compare this two devices Period

  4. bobby1997100 says:

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  5. johnnyblaze3900 says:

    @Ricky41032 the lumia 920 is more phone like but its tied to at&t in the states so a lot of people won’t switch networks for a phone but the note 2 has useful features and it will work but its not for everybody

  6. Ricky41032 says:

    I think I’ll get the lumia 920, something USEFUL. The Note is not a phone and fancy features that it comes with are more for elementary school puipils, don’t get fouled by the specs(it’s the performance which matters), I have used the Note 1, it was a waste of money. And the iphone 5, leave it alone,it already belongs to the past.

  7. 7techno77 says:

    Is the web browser chrome or Samsung’s?

  8. 7techno77 says:

    Considering switching from my iphone 4s. I am so tied into apple’s ecoystem though. Need 64gb of storage and a good camera. Used someone’s OG note and I liked it. Also like the lumia 920 and htc one x+. The lumia 920 has a fantastic camera. The galaxy note and htc one x+ cameras are on par with iphone 4s but I think iphone 5 with the saphire lens bests them. Really don’t need a tablet as a phone. Rather get a windows 8 or 7 inch android tablet. Have to wait untill January for my upgrade todecide

  9. Samuel Better says:


  10. Samuel Better says:

    really stupid review. the note 2 is not just a phone to be talking about single hand operation. what do dis two devices have in common? the note 2 is by far a better all around device. you iphone fans are sick to leave in that stupid apple iphone world.

  11. master2256789 says:

    You have hdr on

  12. MetalHack3r says:


  13. jstuy1 says:

    @totallykaos no one hates on apple they are wack plain an simple

  14. iBawl45 says:

    iphone is boring as fuck.

  15. totallykaos says:

    LOL bullshitting what?!
    If Apple made a 5 inch device that would replace my iPhone/iPod or something like that, i wouldn’t even want to have a thing like that, 5 inch devices are too big in my opinion, the “first” Galaxy S was perfect a perfect size in my opinion, but the SGS3 is just way too big.

    Stop hating on me because i like every OS or whatever in the world, i just hate it that people are just hating so bad on Apple.

  16. totallykaos says:

    I know it’s a personal preference, but a few years ago, people said “the iPhone is so big, it’s perfect” now they call the size of the iPhone literally “small”, is it right that i think that it’s a hype that screen’s are getting bigger and bigger?!

  17. nicogab98 says:

    next time turn the HDR on the iphone before doing that test to make it a fair test.. I prefer the GS3, the GN2 is way too big for me

  18. The187Hitman says:

    u certainly can! .. the maps are awful.. u see that picture? some guy was goin to a building and it was across a bridge, but the map said go left to the docks, and get into the river and follow the river down to the builing. ridiculous… i know who created the maps!! – the characters from LOST

  19. Petar Lazic says:

    6:38 u have hdr on iphone so that is why it is slower and has better quality

  20. aditya sharma says:


  21. 952alex9522 says:

    IPhone is a phone note is a phablet its like a netbook vs a laptop. Netbook does all I need it for and laptop does way more but so much extras I don’t ever use lol

  22. ktmandur says:

    Android = best
    Note 2 = best phone i ever had

  23. Clifford Steyn says:

    A man using Apple Maps walks into a bar, or maybe a hospital… or possibly a church…

  24. Rafael Lopez says:

    @Roseeeemoon you trying to make yourself feel better? Android 4.1 is very stable. Stop talking out your ass.

  25. Moosa Mahsoom says:

    God, the iPhone is not larger than the note 2’s screen.

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