Android Pie Samsung Experience 10.0 on the Galaxy S9 – Leaked Build

We were able to get an early hands-on of the upcoming Samsung Experience 10 update based on Android 9 Pie for the Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S9+. This is a very early development build of Android Pie, so there are some bugs, incomplete UI elements, and broken features. But take a look at what’s to come!

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20 Responses to “Android Pie Samsung Experience 10.0 on the Galaxy S9 – Leaked Build”

  1. No Name says:

    Waiting for new videos on this…

  2. Chief Keef says:

    11:59 I swear I thought I was gonna hear : we have these nuts 😂😂

  3. Chief Keef says:

    I kinda like it

  4. Blackbird says:

    they had the ui perfect on samsung exp 9 and they throw everything out the fucking window and do some touchwiz shit again, what the actual fuck is this, everything from colors to retarded bubbles and half the screen space just to say settings, yeah i'm done with samsung

  5. Blackbird says:

    this is fucking shit, was waiting for the s10 this whole time but might actually skip it just because of the ui, looks fucking disgusting

  6. Blackbird says:

    what the fuck is the point of half a screen taken just for "Settings" no fucking shit i know i'm in setting so fucking retarded, everything is a downgrade from 9.0

  7. Faidon Magalios says:

    Yay we should have the update in the next 3 decades if we're lucky

  8. MrNYCinc says:

    Stock Android hasn't changed in 6 years

  9. JU BE says:

    Looks awesome to me. Just saying. I would spend a lot of money for a Samsung phone just to have such a unique design. Looks clean and simple too. Great review by the way.

  10. Bryan William says:

    Those bubbles, pills, and the giant black portion looks very not efficient

  11. shaabeey shaby says:

    Its not completely working in s8 ..
    Swipe options, night theme is not available

  12. Xeet says:

    Will be on s9 ?

  13. AFAQ AHMAD says:

    Google's pie is very different.
    im using it since july on my Nokia 7+
    this navigation traybar also appear on my device when battery is low. (in red colour)

  14. CharmedAngelin says:

    That UI is just bad, looks very bloated and confusing with all those bubbles.

  15. Kostas Mavrikis says:

    Really ugly, hope they change it along the way

  16. Vangelis Chalkias says:

    Your provider is pushing the update out so it’s not Samsung but your provider who is slow

  17. Juan Sambucetti says:

    Wasn't pie 9.0?

  18. שלומי גבאי says:

    When the update is available for download?

  19. pas de pseudo says:

    Can we put a white background ? (in caller messages ect)

  20. Yogesh Bhamare says:

    Thank you for video .. samsung Fan from india

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