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20 Responses to “A Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Exploded…”

  1. Unbox Therapy says:

    I have reached out to the person who filed the lawsuit in New York. Let's see where this goes…

  2. Reed Daniel Cuevas says:

    Galaxy Note 9 dont have a “Samsung” on the front

  3. Junsu Park says:

    nice apple worker

  4. PsyniiGianni Scott says:

    A a lot of people are having issues with the note 9. Call speaker problems, volume going up and down on its own, S pen connection issues, camera freezing. I wish you would do a follow up video because Samsung is trying to keep it quiet and they have known about these problems for a while and seem to be doing nothing about it.

  5. Daniel Yang says:

    That picture of note 9 is fake I have note 9 and you have one too but that was a fake claim. Did you know Iphone 6 had same problems and with only few reports on it but that was done very quietly? LOL. But one think sucks about note 9 is "NO SideSync".

  6. Theja Gc says:

    Vechanda appu Samsung Ku😂😂

  7. zuri Hassan says:

    Her note 9 has been mod by GTA players.

  8. guest says:

    Damn shame. Note 7 was an AWESOME device. It was hard to give it back. PLEASE don’t let this happen to Note 9.

  9. Siyyam Sarfraz says:

    yo what about note fan edition??is that mobile good?? like i am thinking to buy that phone.

  10. quest 77051 says:

    OH oh.

  11. WD S says:

    Why ppl are still buying from this idiotic company? U wana die or something?

  12. WD S says:

    So how many ppl the note 9 gonna kill this time?😂 This is why i dont buy samsung LOL Ure basically paying ur death LOL

  13. WD S says:

    O wht a surprise LOL I knew this shit gonna continue since the day it happened on the note 7 LOL

  14. Anh Le says:

    The lady doesnt own a note 9
    That is not a note 9 in the photos

  15. jordan smith says:

    Ive had my Note 9 for about 2 months now and i love it. Only time it gets slightly warm is when im fast charging it i have mobile network sharing on. Other than thay this phone is great. Favorite Samsung by far. Only complaint i have is the Bixby button. Even when i put phone in my pocket i hit it on accident and have to take jt back out of my pocket and correct it. Id perfer voice activation. Personally.

  16. John Castro says:

    Please review oppo a3s, has 4230 mAh in such a slender body🤷‍♂️

  17. Thomas Stanley Mackrell says:

    Note 9 is one I am looking at very closely at, as my upgrade in a couple of weelks, it isn't putting me off just yet, but I have two other contenders, the XS Max, and Huawei P20 Pro.

  18. GhostForce X says:

    I was thinking about buy the Note 9 😑
    Iphone Xs …. here i come

  19. Alex Grice says:

    These phone companies honestly need to stop making these phones so thin. There already like new born babies essentially.

  20. dyllen1907 says:

    100% fake news.

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