7 New Galaxy S8 Features That Make It Amazing

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was unveiled last month and it’s not finally arrived in India and other countries. We recently got hands on the Galaxy S8 and here are the 7 new Galaxy S8 features that you should know about. We are including S8 and S8 Plus features that make it amazing and also the features that are hidden from the public eye.

Also, this is just a preview and not a Galaxy S8 review but we will be bringing our review soon, so stay tuned! We are also planning to bring a camera comparison of the S8 with the iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel.

Video Walkthrough:

1. Infinity Display
2. Face Recognition and Iris Scanner
3. Improved Selfie Camera (8 MP f/1.7 with autofocus)
4. Bluetooth 5
5. Bixby
6. Pressure Sensitive Home Button (Force Touch)
7. New Samsung Experience UI

Other features of the S8 include IP68 water & dust resistance, Snapdragon 835, 12 MP rear camera, heart rate monitor, rear fingerprint scanner, etc.

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    U need to work on ur accent

  2. Faisal Khan says:

    Note 7 Is A Disaster!!!!!!

  3. TEAM JETHRINE says:

    Dose Bixby use Wi-Fi or can I use it offline

  4. Kreatos says:

    It is most expensive flagship phone i bought ever! It better be good…

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    This was great! Thank you for making this.

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    wear an eye patch bro

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    awesome video dude

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    "Even in my eyes,if you k ow what i mean" if you know you know…

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    0:55 Beef overview? But I thought y'all don't eat cows

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    its amazing

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    Looking forward to detailed review

  19. Rohit Thakur says:

    I'm in love with these bezel less phones
    They really look futuristic.

  20. Syed Akter says:

    S8+ is best

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