25 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 8 Is Better Than iPhone X

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25 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be considered better than the Apple iPhone X. This is part one of a two part #phonebuffstyle video series.

Watch the iPhone X’s version here: https://youtu.be/OlNQzkxvd8M

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25 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 8 Is Better Than iPhone X


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20 Responses to “25 Reasons Why Galaxy Note 8 Is Better Than iPhone X”

  1. PhoneBuff says:

    Which phone had the stronger reasons, Note 8 or iPhone X?

  2. the memes says:

    APPLE COST TO MUCH I THINK THE APPLE COMPANY IS JUST STEALING PPLS MONEYS (i have a galaxy note 3 in 2018) and i luv my samsung

  3. PersaFromTheMahala says:

    Tbh iphone x's screen looks stupid with the part that sticks out in the middle

  4. Jennifer Hernandez says:

    Im watching with a Note 8 right now

  5. Aeron Paul Geronimo says:

    Stop the fuss, if you got both :p

  6. Leo Tellez says:

    I love my note 8 I'm never going back to iphone!

  7. mark mingo says:

    So basically its just a better phone😂

  8. Nikhil Bahekar says:

    Samsung always better then worst iphone.

  9. Alyami 77 says:

    Thank u very much

  10. THE-BROKEN-HERO says:


    iPhone 7: no headphone jack

    iPhone 10: no home button

    iPhone 11: no volume button

    iPhone 12: no power button

    iPhone 13: no box

    iPhone 14: no phone

  11. Kevin Clayton says:

    Love my note 8..I have a IPHONEX as well got one after I got my note 8.and my note 8 pissed all over the iphonex..there's no comparance NOTE8 kicks iphonex ass

  12. Malifan says:

    There's no reason on earth that the iPhone would be better than the Note, so I won't bother watching the other video. Perhaps the battery, and with that I'm being generous.

  13. Nai says:

    Y’all so thirsty that you made it only possible to buy the galaxy skin if you buy one of your products🤦🏽‍♀️ F**ckin Pixel pictures headass

  14. Abdul Wahab Channel says:

    Note 8 is best than iphone x

  15. Michael Jaikaran says:

    As of recent research and apple being knocked into third place by Huawei, You have to admit that the Note 8 is a better phone than the Apple Iphone X, or any apple product of that matter. However, there are some people that have "their brand" which is a brand that they will almost always choose and prefer over every other brand, because they have just grown to like that brand. It's sad but its true, that some people cannot face reality and accept what is true. However, you have to give credit when credit is due, and apple deserves some credit, but Samsung and Huawei have the rest of the credit reserved for them.

  16. XxAM0RixX عمووري says:

    me: apple is the best! samsung sucks!!
    2017-until now
    me: Samsung is the best! apple sucks!!

  17. Fox 05 says:

    Love note

  18. Rang Hikmat says:

    N8 no brainer! Beside that 25 is just scratching the surface.

  19. Shane Gilbert says:

    I just bought a in home x and used to have the notes 8 but after one drop the note 8 broke so fuck y’all

  20. Louie Sciaky says:

    Apple just wants people to buy a iPhone that can break easily, who wants to buy that crap?

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