20+ Galaxy S9, S9+ Tips and Tricks

We’ve compiled 20+ Galaxy S9 and S9+ tips and tricks that should make you the ultimate S9 pro!

We run through camera shortcuts, accessing new AR Emoji, deciding what to do with Bixby (plus some tips for it), snoozing and managing notifications, optimizing for battery usage with apps, getting into Samsung’s array of sound settings, using one-handed mode, and getting that Pixel-style theme up and running.

GALAXY S9 / S9+ – FIRST 10 THINGS TO DO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgua1nFzCNM


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20 Responses to “20+ Galaxy S9, S9+ Tips and Tricks”

  1. vanessa cawley says:

    Thanks Droid Life. It's my first time owning a Samsung and your vid was awesome. You have great speaking skills! All the way from Australia ………

  2. ZECTOR TEAM5 says:

    New s9 member today

  3. Randy Sloan says:

    Thanks a lot for the Google pump fake…

  4. shadnater 365 says:

    Hey where is that secret folder tho

  5. Fahim Chowdhury says:

    How did you change the bag bars to be similar to the pixels

  6. praneeth gudimicharla says:

    Bro can u please tell me how to set pixel navigation bars like in video..!?

  7. Anita Patel says:

    So impressed with the sound settings. I have tinnitus and have a similar test at my audiologist! Good job Samsung. Making the switch from iPhones to Samsung for the first time

  8. alex arroyo says:

    What about the download booster, you can explain the functionality

  9. Zayiden Kasnawi says:

    Thanks for the infos. I already bought it. But samsung should improve on their weird screenshot feature. Also notice that this phone quite drains your only 3000 mAh battery (for s9) & i need resetting several advanced features & battery mode & it work longer. The rest, i just want to say what a perfect phone. I reccomend u all guys.

  10. Chris G says:

    I just want to know, does it go underwater!?

  11. Jamie Siegler says:

    How do lock a screen while your watching a video?

  12. Sandip Poudel says:

    watching on my s9+ 😂

  13. Doroteo Alvarez says:

    Just got it today slapped a aheago wallpaper on it. Its fuckin amazing

  14. Landon Corley says:

    Might be getting a s9+ tomorrow, wish me luck lol

  15. POWER says:

    PixelizeD love it

  16. Elvi Elviano says:

    excuse me? how can I remove the little icons where the battery, wifi and the time is?

  17. Bill Williams says:

    Is there an Edge Panel on the standard S9?

  18. Tackycal says:

    Yada yada yada all your videos are to much talking – just cover the power points

  19. DoomFinger511 says:

    Best hack is to get the app "bxActions". It let's you change the bixby button to do anything you want. Even give it different options like 1 click having a function, double click or long press having a different action, etc.

  20. Tumininu Adeyemi says:

    I recommend the Samsung s9 its so GOOD

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