20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!

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We’ve compiled 20+ Galaxy Note 8 tips and tricks that should make you the ultimate Note 8 pro! We go over utilizing Multi Window, S Pen functionalities, changing up display grids, and even manipulating animation speeds to make your phone perform faster!

GALAXY NOTE 8 – FIRST 10 THINGS TO DO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqyX4fc5SY0



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20 Responses to “20+ Galaxy Note 8 Tips and Tricks!”

  1. Cameron Mortimer says:

    How did you change the color of your status bar and your navigation bar and button style?

  2. Luke Pembroke says:

    Got my note 8 yesterday love it ! Very helpful video thanks

  3. Linda Cantwell says:

    This guy is good, but his constant right hand movement drives me crazy. Keep your hand still!!

  4. Wewe Yoyo says:

    Why my note8 lose charge faster especially when always on display is activated and I'm not using the phone? I bought it from Emirate

  5. Adam Czubak says:

    Cool, perfect !!! the best video about Note 8 in all internet!!! I recommend.

  6. THEGOLDCRAB says:

    somone loves english bulldogs

  7. Braden Stephens says:

    Did no one else notice how expensive the oreos were

  8. vlogs walay says:

    bye bye iphone 7 plus switching to note 8

  9. behar haziri says:

    you are holding the phone in your hand and moving it constantly which makes very hard to watch the video

  10. rnr1101 says:

    lmao JUGAR

  11. Sanskar Raj says:

    Hello @droidlife. I have a Note 8 and im not able to get the data Toggle button in my notifications panel plz help 😅

  12. hany sam says:

    i need name of your themes app

  13. Hugh Maxwell says:

    My notification panel cannot be accessed from swiping my finger from top to bottom on the screen (except I use the pen which annoys me). I must add though that if I swipe my finger on the finger print scanner from up to down ot works fine. But thanks for yoir video because it was as a result of your video that I tried out some stuff and stumbled on the feature to access my notification panel by using the finger print senser

  14. GIlberto 56 says:

    YuGHar hahahahaha

  15. ابن الحجاز العظيم says:

    Im using my note9 find this video infirmative

  16. Syah Mh says:

    Samsung the best 👍🏻

  17. Sam Davis says:

    my friend is getting the note9. I'm buying the 8 for half price…can't wait.

  18. Vickie Marx says:

    I just got mine note 8 maybe a month ago does the always on screen kill the battery pretty fast? So far my phone last me all day that's without it on.

  19. Michelle B. says:

    I just went from a note 4 to a note 8. I'm a big Do not disturb with exception user but I'm still getting text message alerts from everybody. Any ideas?

  20. NiekkieNick says:

    Nice tips and tricks video! One tip, please don't hold the smartphone in an ange during reviewing. I had to watch this video with my head slightly tilted 🙂

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