10 Superb Tips & Tricks for Your Samsung Galaxy S8

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In this video, I will share 10 Superb Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ that will enhance your user experience.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is a fantastic smartphone and it is full of deep and rich features.

10 Superb Galaxy S8 Tips: https://youtu.be/5sto7_Kaf2s

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20 Responses to “10 Superb Tips & Tricks for Your Samsung Galaxy S8”

  1. SavageArfad says:


  2. Cristiano Ferreira says:

    Hello saki… I have a s8+ and my navigation bar don't have the same background colors options as you… I don't have Black and it's all Light colors being mainly female related… Do you know how to bring Black into options?
    By the way… Thanks a lot for your videos 🤘
    Nice work 💪😉👌

  3. da1flam3 says:

    spyzie stands for theyspyu..

  4. ItsFrederik says:

    7:27 i can't do that ???

  5. Fexri Mirzeyev says:

    Who doesnt have galaxy s8 but is watching anyways?

  6. Jamie Brain says:

    Wait… Your looking at what people are doing on their phones? You perv

  7. Alexander Mickovic says:

    Hi sakitech,nice video! I have a question though. Is that picture on your phone by any chance Dubrovnik taken from the city walls?

  8. ChaseGee says:

    Sooooo…..the video enhancer don't work with pornhub? Asking for a friend

  9. ASHOK DAS says:

    Niic video

  10. Dave OG Miles says:

    i got mine i love it so much better then my iphone 7 i had

  11. 3Dtoys4U says:


  12. Nug Mug says:

    Sucky tech haha get it

  13. Utsav Bhattarai says:

    What's the name of the wallpaper?

  14. Ré D'Arcy says:

    The S8+ is the best phone I've ever used., and I've used a *lot*.

  15. Aazim al Khayr Ubaydullah says:

    How did you get the video button on your call screen?

  16. Dustin Poe says:

    Lol wtf kind of add was that the creeper special

  17. NSPLG says:

    Watching on my s6 getting an s8 soon

  18. Jack Phelan says:

    What ever you make with the s8 the note 8 can do it

  19. Kaiser Hugh says:

    Like Always

  20. Aleks hashim says:

    Where did he get the wallpaper from? Answer please

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