10 Superb Tips & Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8

In this video, I will share 10 Superb Tips and Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that you need to know. These tips and tricks will further enhance the ownership of your Galaxy Note 8.

Let’s dive in.

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20 Responses to “10 Superb Tips & Tricks for your Samsung Galaxy Note 8”

  1. tenzin yangzom says:

    This is so boring
    How are these tips gonna make me wanna get a note 8
    I don't wanna get a note 8 after watching this

  2. ЛАДАРРО says:

    A video made for people using Note 8, and the video comes in old aspect ratio🤔

  3. Gideon Buurma says:

    The always on home button burns in the screen..

  4. Rahul Dev says:

    What's that wallpaper you have there please

  5. olen jessie says:

    Hey sir what phone is your daily driver

  6. carlos ramires says:

    I have now note 8 en Samsung gear s3 frontier. Best thing ever

  7. mattc941 says:

    Very good stuff

  8. Tim A says:

    note series are pretty good, once bought can be used for at least 2 times longer than others, as specs are powerful

  9. Ali Izadi says:

    Useful video. Thanks for sharing

  10. Abdikadir Mohamed says:

    I am getting a note 8 on my berthday this year my brother is getting a s9 but I like the note 8 better so it worked good for all of us

  11. Elizabeth D says:

    Husband and I had the Galaxy S9 plus. But we switched carriers bc Sprint was too expensive and has too many fees. So yesterday we got the Note 8 and so far we are loving it❣

  12. Nabeel Nabeel says:

    Very thankful for 😍👍

  13. Clayton Shamboko says:

    These are basic Samsung galaxy settings.

  14. Maria Guadalupe -Trivial- says:

    Great video! 👍🌝🌞 Thank you so much! 😎

  15. Evy’s minecraft Toy channel says:

    Hey saki i just got a galaxy 8plus idk what i did wrong but on settings my home layout is locked can you help me out please

  16. mohammed mathin says:

    Hi Sakitech Very informative details provided and i added ringtone in Note 8 using add option but i am able to delete the added tone, My OS is Oreo.

  17. Ahmad Alshamsi says:

    Why when I have a cover on my note 8 the display will always be black but when I remove my cover I can see the clock and date and everything?

  18. Padmanabhan A says:

    The playstore days not compatible with your version,how I get it

  19. lori thorpe says:

    Very informative video , thanks, ive actually got a picture with aod , just don't see the point in it , but does it really use that much battery , sorry for asking , still new to this fone .

  20. Sahil Sutariya says:

    Senior can use for selfie lunch camera and tap it

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