📱 iPhone 8!!!!

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20 Responses to “📱 iPhone 8!!!!”

  1. iJustine says:


  2. Jacob Jordan says:

    It’s called the iPhone x

  3. Carrie Dodd says:


  4. KELLY MARTIN says:

    I’m confused the title says “iphone 8” but isn’t she showing the Iphone x ????

  5. Lanzer says:

    Oh boy so fake

  6. olivia kyazze says:

    I’m from the future it will be called iPhone x

  7. JimmyTranOfficial - says:

    Can someone tell me how much the 8 costs? I wanna buy it if it's not $1000 lol

  8. George WAN says:

    Lifehack kids never buy a phone when it comes out because there is definitely going to be some problems.

  9. CaliCat says:

    That is the iPhone 10 and the iPhone 8 has a home button and no face id

  10. QuantumKraken says:

    Wow, Ijustine looks amazing without makeup (or at least with minimal make-up).
    Oh, yeah… so how about them apple products, huh?

  11. Chiara Stante says:

    That is the iPhone X, not the 8.

  12. yosef balas says:

    Did she wake up with her make up?

  13. Apple fan Chen says:

    IPhone X

  14. ishu raj says:

    Love you

  15. yaboiandu says:

    okay so everything's been released and sold now but what if they made your signal, amount of battery, Bluetooth, and stuff like that LEDs that turned on when activation so that they could just do something like the design found @ 6:55

  16. Littlepiggygirl MSP says:

    I know why they didn’t make an iPhone 9 because 7 8 9 get it because 7 ate 9

  17. Deasia Spearman says:

    The release date was on my b day

  18. ShippingGirl Louise says:

    I moved up in phones after being with android for years and I had my first iPhone 4 then now right now the SE omg I’m so excited!! Can’t afford the high iphones!

  19. Madden Varsity says:

    your so beautiful even when you just woke up

  20. Jedaje says:

    Look at the s8, no, pear

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